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Oct 27, 2001 04:37 PM

JumpBack & Kiss Myself BBQ! Trail Dust BBQ Joint.

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This is my first post to chowhound and I'm hoping I can add a little joy to a few people by talking about the "Trail Dust BBQ Joint" in Morgan Hill, down here in the south, south, valley. Morgan Hill only has a couple of noteworthy restaurants, but if you enjoy bbq rips, chicken, tri-tip, this is one of those spots. It's primarily a "take out" joint, (less expensive this way too)However, there is room to sit. It's an old red wooden shack structure looking thing on 16490 S. Monterey Rd--one can take 101 south to Tennant Ave west and then make a right on Monterey, it won't be too far from there and on the right side. It's only open Thurs thru Sunday. I'm always looking for a good rib joint, I've found a few in Oakland and Hayward, but "the Dust" won't disappoint. They have smokers out back and they smoke the meat all day with an excellent rub, The sauce is mild but good. Coleslaw, potato salad, bread are all okay, but the meat is why you go. If they ever offer "Pulled Pork" just get it...Outstanding! It's offered with a different sauce then they use for the ribs and all I can say is Giddy Up!! If others have bbq joints to talk about, please respond.

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  1. Chris, welcome and thanks for jumping in with this BBQ recommendation!

    There has been lots of discussion on the board of bbq joints (mainly SF or East Bay) - Doug's, Flint's, KC's (most recently), Memphis Minnies and Bobby's Backdoor in Richmond. It makes for fun reading - or you can search from the main page as well for quicker satisfaction.

    Keep those tips coming - but please consider using a more distinctive name than Chris - it makes it easier for us to get to know you and follow your posts if we don't have to sort thru the other "just chris" posts!