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Jun 1, 2006 05:50 PM

PauliMotos Closing its doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes its true. The wretched bastard child of Morimoto is going to be closing its doors. I was at the mall the other day and a bartender from a nearby restaurant informd that PauliMotos would be closing its doors only after being open about 6 months. He said it was mainly due to numerous health code violations and poor management. I see this as a blessing so now maybe something better can move into its place. The mongolian beef was the worst I ever had in my life.

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  1. Not sad at all. I went three times, trying to like it. Horrible service, portions were small, some of it over-cooked and some under spiced.

    1. This didn't make sense to me, because I used to work in the restaurant business. If its health code issues, the health dept would close the restaurant immediately. They dont give the owners the choice. If its bad management, the owners would change managers, not close. So i called the management of tysons corner center, (the mall pauli motos is in). They told me that Pauli Moto's would have to contact them first as it is required in their lease, and they haven't done so. They also said that all the restaurants are doing very well in their expansion and don't believe any are considering closing their doors. Adam if you work at PF Chang's just disclose that, its only fair to the readers if you have an alterior motive to your review.

      1. I guess I'll believe it, or when there is a little more proof.
        But here's to hoping something better occupies that space.