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Oct 26, 2001 06:47 PM

Naan 'N Curry report

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Had a business lunch at Grand Cafe the other day, and on the way back to the office noticed Naan 'n Curry, source of much discussion here a while back. Went back for lunch today. It was definitely less of a mob scene (and a little cleaner) than Shalimar. Lamb curry with okra was good--spoon-tender chunks of lamb on the bone with onions and okra--vegetables were super long-cooked, so couldn't really make out definite okra pieces except for a few. Well-spiced, satisfying, although VERY oily. Chana masala (chickpeas--they were out of daal) was good, spicier than I've had it at Pawkan or Shalimar. Paleek Paneer--OK, nothing special--pretty much standard-issue. The only real disappointment was the naan--doughy, warmish (not fresh-from-the-tandoor hot) and generally blah. It looked good but scored very low on the naan-o-meter.

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  1. k
    Kathleen Mikulis

    There was a review on Friday in the Chronicle (San Francisco section)on Naan 'N Curry. I hope to go there eventually.

    1. y
      Yuzo Watanabe

      Since I've moved here last month I've been to Naan 'n Curry about six or seven times -- basically it's the closest Indian restaurant to my apartment and open till midnight.

      The Chicken Tikka Masala has great flavor, and when asked, spiced well. Just had the Chicken Vindaloo last night -- not as spicy as I would've liked, and the chicken wasn't boneless (most vindaloo I've had has been boneless.. normal?).

      But I'll have to agree with you on the naan. Granted, all of my orders have been to go and suffered a 10 minute walk, but overall the quality has been middlin at best. Rather tough, and offtimes burned. But their curries and late hours definitely win me over.