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May 28, 2006 12:14 PM


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going to etete for dinner tomorrow. suggestions for what to order. (i dont like fish/seafood but adventurous eater other than that)

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    Loose On the Lead

    I was just there for the first time myself, and I greatly enjoyed the Special Etete's Kitfo, which is seasoned, minced beef, accompanied by three seasoned (maybe one was unseasoned?) scoops of cottage cheese. You can choose to have the beef raw or cooked. I chose raw and was quite pleased with it.

    Note: The tej (honey wine) there is sweeter and tastes more strongly of honey than the same drink at other places I've tried.

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    1. re: Loose On the Lead

      I second your thoughts on the special (raw) kitfo. Was just there this week for dinner and had the kitfo along with the veggie platter and the tibs wat. Service was gracious, unrushed, and highly attentive. Highly recommended!

    2. The fastening food platter (veg sampler) plus the derek tibs. That should be everyone's first order.. After that, you can experiment.