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Good Peking Duck in DC?

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Is City Lights the way to go? I saw the thread about Baltimore and it got me thinkin'...

I often see ducks hanging up in the windows of the shops in Chinatown, but I'll admit, I get timid.

Mei-Wah? Anyone know??


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  1. The best in the area is at Peking Gourmet in the Culmore Shopping Center between Bailey's Crossroads and Seven Corners(Rt. 7 and Carlin Springs Rd.).

    1. Just go to Peking Gourmet - no other decision to be made here.

      When taking home leftovers, ask for the box. The kitchen tends to halve what you get, includsing all your skin.

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      1. re: Culocho

        what do you mean when you say the kitchen halves what you get? Do you mean they only give you half your leftovers to take home?

        1. re: Diana

          Always ask for the duck carcass to take home when they're done. Chinese like to use it to make a great soup. Just throw in some napa cabbage.

      2. Mark's Duck House's peking duck is the best I've ever had, I think...

        1. Don't be mislead by these ducks hanging up in the windows at these chinese restaurants. They are cantonese roast ducks, not peking ducks. Peking ducks take a tremendous amount of preparation time and effort. The links below give two options in NoVA owned by the same family. The picture is hilarious and the description informative...definitely worth trying.



          I've had the Peking duck at Peking Gourmet across from Lucky 3, and it was pretty good, although overhyped, especially with all the pictures in the dining area of famous faces who've stopped by. The Bushes love this joint.

          1. OK, I should have been more clear-

            How about IN DC? Like, I know there is great stuff out in the burbs... but if I want something closer, that is a cab-ride away... where can I go?

            That duck chang's does look pretty neato... nice animated gif of the duck, too.

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            1. re: Eric

              This is not going to help you, but if you ever make it out to Peter Pan Buffet in NoVA, they have a peking duck bar where you can have peking duck (using cantonese duck) sandwiches made to order. It's good and all you can eat.

              1. re: RL

                WOW. That is amazing. You're right, that's way far but... someday. Someday.

            2. I will NEVER return to Peking Gourmet. The gentleman charged with slicing the duck in front of us did not wear any latex gloves. He handled, and squashed the meat with his bare hands (eeeew) and scraped fat off the skin with his fingernails. A horrific experience. I just cound not eat it after that.

              In contrast, every time I have been to Meiwah in DC, they've worn gloves when slicing the duck.

              1. Go to Spices in Cleveland Park and order the Big Duck ($15/half or $30 whole) for one of the best Peking Duck's anywhere. It is a hold over from this low budget restaurant more expensive, upscale chinese sister Yanyu that went out of business.

                1. Peking Gourmet Inn is the best peking duck I have ever had. Absolute perfection. Crispy, juicy, plump....yum!!

                  1. We were there this weekend for lunch instead of going to dimsum. We are never coming back to that place!

                    For $38 for a whole peking duck, we got 7 slices of duck breast on two plates and barely any skin. The Spanish lady that was carving it ran away with our duck as we were trying to ask for the remains. It all happened too quickly, but, in assessing what we got, it was not the usual service and deal. Our waiter was too busy chatting over at the bar to even notice what happened. When he was finally called over by the other waiter, he started to argue about not telling him earlier. Then, he called in another woman, who then argued the whole sequence of events all over again!

                    We got tired of the argument and told her to forget it. Then, she wanted to give us the bones. It was not our duck for sure that they gave us. It was a waste of effort to bring it home, it was just bones!

                    We left the restaurant feeling hungry.

                    1. jvl385,
                      To be clear, you are speaking about Peking Gourmet on Rte 7, correct?

                      Also, does anyone have a Peking Duck solution in the MD burbs?

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                      1. re: Pappy

                        Peking Cheers, on Quince Orchard Rd in Gaithersburg, does a good, though not great, duck. They will carve tableside, and the pancakes are excellent.

                        The real appeal? Weeknights, a whole duck is $10.95. Not a typo - less than eleven dollars.

                        1. re: DanielK

                          Can you tell the difference between real Peking Duck vs. Cantonese roast duck posing as Peking duck? I recall a long time ago, there used to be a real Peking duck restaurnt in downtown DC close to McPherson Square.

                        2. re: Pappy

                          Yes, correct Peking Gourmet on Route 7.

                        3. The best place I know of is in a strip mall in Annandale, and it's terrific - has been for years and years (although I do like Mark's Duck House over at Seven Corners). It's Duck Chang's, and it's never been anything but excellent. That's why it's still there, I guess.


                          1. I would have suggested Peking Gourmet as well - but there is plenty to read about it already.
                            Mei-wah is not a bad choice. I have had it.
                            If you are in the city, you'll be fine with it.