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Oct 25, 2001 08:35 PM

Angelfish in Alameda

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This week the East Bay Expreess has its review of a Japanese restaurant in Alameda. Until I looked at the article, I did not know that Alameda had a Japanese restaurant.

From my reading of the story, the restaurant's service sounds super, although nobody on this board discussed it recently--one person briefly mentioned it LONG time ago.


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    "Until I looked at the article, I did not know that Alameda had a Japanese restaurant." My son's favorite restaurant is Kamakura--another Japanese restaurant in Alameda. (Actually there are several Japanese restaurants on "The Island"). Kamakura is great for family dinners. Faithsan (owner/hostess) makes you feel like a guest in her home. The food is decent and plentiful; prices reasonable; always a line. (On Santa Clara and Broadway).

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    1. re: jenniferfishwilson
      Kathleen Mikulis

      I was about to suggest Kamakura, too, when I saw your post.

      Kamakura is great. I get the beef teriyaki/tempura special. It comes with salad & soup & plum wine (or sake) at the end. And the hostess is really charming.

      1. re: Kathleen Mikulis

        Isn't Faith (hostess/owner) amazing? Yes, Kamakura langiappe is plum wine for adults and a box of Japanese candy for children.

    2. I've been to Angel Fish, but only for lunch. It's a small restaurant, probably only seats 25 or so, run by a husband and wife team. My co-workers goes there so often they are on first name basis. The sushi there is excellent, very fresh and well presented. Again, since I've only been there for lunch I can't vouch for their dinner menu, but according to my co-workers (who are regulars) their dinner menu is excellent as well. During lunch they serve the ususal Japanese fare. I love their "tuna salad" which is not on the menu. It is a romaine salad dressed with a soy and seaseme dressing and topped with fresh slices of tuna sashimi.
      Their dinner menu has more unusual stuff, I'm told. Sometimes with sear ahi tuni, or nightly specials.
      I don't believe they take reservation, so it's best to go right when they are open in order to avoid the long wait.

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      1. re: Wendy Lai

        Thank you for information. By the way, what is "tuna salad" in 'I love their "tuna salad" which is not on the menu'???

        1. re: Hiko Ikeda

          In the sentence following, I did explain the tuna salad. It's a romain salad dressed with a soy and seasme dressing which comes with tuna sashimi on top. They tend to over dress it though, so I would ask them to go light ono the dressing.

          1. re: Wendy Lai

            I missed it--I was thinking of the "real" tuna sandwich I often eat.

            This week longer nights and darker skies make me very sleepy.