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May 17, 2006 01:10 PM

where do I find best BBQ ribs Texas style in DC or burbs?????

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I'm teaching an ESL course, focusing on American culture and cuisine and would like to include BBQ - (the real thang, not that NC thang)

As a Texan transplant (long before GWB), I have yet to find really outstanding Texas-style ribs.

Any ideas?

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  1. Nothing really touches what you can get back home, but Capital Q near the MCI Center is half decent. Link below.


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    1. re: Mazzer

      If you are used to great BBQ around Austin your not going to be all that happy w/ cap Q.

      1. re: Soup

        Yeah, but what are you going to be happy with, around here? They fly their sausage in from Austin (forget where, exactly) and that, at least, was pretty darn good. Brisket is decent, as long as you don't think about how good you used to have it.

        True, though, I don't think they have ribs.

        1. re: Mazzer

          What the ---- are "BBQ ribs Texas style?" Texas BBQ is slow-smoked brisket. Period. You can have some sausage, too, if you want. Anything else is a side dish and/or dessert.

          But for Texas BBQ in the DC area, Capital Q is the best in the area. I had lunch there today, in fact. The sausage comes from Southside Market in Elgin (personally, I prefer Meyer's, but Southside is good, too). The St Louis spareribs were barely passable; not a lot of flavor and not a great texture, although they were meaty. The brisket was excellent. The chili mac (which was made with rigatoni) and greens were okay. Nothing to write home about, but okay.

          1. re: Derek

            I have had outstanding brisket at Capital Q and I have had awful brisket at Capital Q. Mouthful of stiff rubber bands. And (I guess this is the worst) I have shown up after they have run out of brisket. But when it's good it's the best.

            What about Rocklands? Or are they NC? Forgive me for not being crystal clear on the difference.


      2. re: Mazzer

        I'll "secondline" Q, but I'm not sure if they have ribs.

      3. no such thing in this area, you'll have to settle for something different or less

        1. Has anyone tried Ribster's in Annandale?


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          1. re: xandrab

            I haven't been to Ribsters in a few years, but they used to be OK, but nothing spectacular. I prefer Red Hot and Blue but BBQ is a very personal thing. As I recall, Ribster's sauces were all pretty sweet and sticky.

            Neither Ribsters or RH&B are what I'd call "Texas style" (whatever that is).

          2. It's not a restaurant, but we found a great local BBQ stand over the weekend. It's a couple of guys with a smoker that they set up at the corner of H and 3rd Streets NE. They're next to Mason's Barbershop right under the sign that says "Mason's". We tried the pork and the bricket and they were both awesome with the brisket being the best. They did also have ribs and chicken. The portions were large and the prices were cheap. I think it was $6 for a HUGE BBQ sandwich. They also have side dishes. They are there on Saturday's from mid-morning until they run out of Q.

            Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I would HIGHLY recommend it. I've lived in Texas and NC - so I've tried all kinds of Q. I also prefer texas style and these guys did brisket right in my opinion and their spicy sauce was pretty darn good.

            It's cash only. And, they did mention they will not be there this weekend.

            1. Urban BBQ makes a pretty decent brisket, but not as fatty as you are used to in TX. Let's face it, NC BBQ is the thing around here, not that TX stuff.

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              1. re: din

                Sadly, despite the abundance of places that advertise "NC pulled pork barbecue" around here, what you get bears little resemblance to what you'd get at any worthwhile cue joint in NC. There are two styles of NC cue -- eastern or western AKA piedmont AKA Lexington. You can completely forget finding western NC cue around here. As for eastern, try the Weenie Beenie in Shirlington.