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May 17, 2006 09:14 AM

Best Korean Restaurants in DC

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It has been a while since I had korean food.
I am so behind on the good korean restaurants in the area. Any recommendations?

I appreciate it.

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  1. I think the ONLY Korean restaurant IN DC is Goong Jeon and it's not that great.

    Best bet is to check out Real reviews by real Koreans.

    Woo Lae Oak doesn't rate very highly. Han Sung Oak in Falls Church is a personal favorite.


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      Is Yee Hwa on 21st St. still open? It's not the best but it's pretty good.

    2. I've enjoyed some BBQ at Yechon and Annangol, both in Annandale, in the past month.

      1. My faves of the ones I've tried in descending order:
        1. Han Sung Oak - Falls Church, the best bbq and hanjeonshik (multi-course meal)
        2. Woomi - Wheaton, pretty decent selection of many traditional dishes including tabletop bbq.
        3. Dae Sung Gwan - Wheaton, Korean-Chinese cuisine. jja-jang myeon and jjamp-pong, as well as korean versions of chinese dishes.
        4. Woo Lae Oak - Pentagon City, good but expensive, not as many interesting or varied pan-chan (side dishes). known for their naeng-myeon (chilled cold noodle soup) and bibim-naeng-myeon (really spicy chilled noodle salad).
        In DC proper, the only restaurant I'm aware of is Kuma, a korean-japanese place which is just ok.
        There's a divey takeout Korean place called Adam Express in Mt. Pleasant that supposedly has decent korean items but I have yet to try it.

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          I haven't been to han sung oak, but Woomi and Woo Lae Oak are definitely my favorite full scale Korean places in the area too. Excellent BBQ and soups.

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            Another Korean place within DC limits - and like Adam Express, another dive - is Young's Deli at Capital City Market in NE, near the NY Ave Metro station and near Litteri's. Had a delicious & dirt cheap lunch there the other day even tho it's a hole in the wall in a rough & tumble neighborhood. $6 for entree, soup & 3 sides! Made fresh to order - my entree was not sitting on a steam table under a lamp.

            1. re: Sal-Monella

              Although most of Asian Bistro's (on L between 19th and 20th) menu is Vietnamese, they're Korean-owned these days and have a couple of Korean dishes on the menu. I've had their bibimbap and liked it. No panchan, though.

          2. I very much enjoyed the soo yuk at Gom Ba Woo in Annandale. Annandale is the center here for Korean restaurants. At least twenty places, I think, some with no signage in English.

            1. Han Sung Oak is very good and always consistent. I worked within walking distance for 2 months near there and tried to eat there when I could.