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Oct 24, 2001 10:17 PM

corn maiden tamales at Trader Joe's

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Went to my local Trader Joe's today and noticed that they started supplying Corn Maiden tamales. I remember Corn Maiden from the farmer's markets when I lived down in LA(they are based in Culver city). Their take on the tamale is a bit untraditional but very yummy. I remember tamales stuffed with shrimp/spinach & leek/turkey & cranberry/green corn/Belgian chocolate. What was also great was all the different sauces that they had accompanying each type of tamale.

The Trader Joe selection was disappointingly smaller (only 3 varieties that I saw). I had the Sweet Corn with cheddar and green chilies, served with roasted corn sauce. The slight hint of sweetness from the corn balanced well with the cheddar, but I didn't really detect any green chilies. Still very good nonetheless. The cost for a pack of two tamales was $3.79.

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  1. I saw an eposide of Food Finds in the Food channel where they talked about Corn Maiden tamales. They sound very yummy. How much was Trader Joe's selling them for?

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      They were $3.79 for a lunch pack of 2 tamales with a small container of sauce. It's in the fridge section. Enjoy.

    2. If you are a real tamale afficianado you may want to take in the "Tamale Festival" every year in Indio south of Palm Springs. This is held at the Indio Fairgrounds in conjunction with the Date Festival in February. You will find tamales you never even thought possible, with booths and stands lining an entire street. You can pig out on all things tamale related, then head into PalmSprings for some sunshine and spa treatment!