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Oct 24, 2001 07:14 PM

cheesesteaks on University in Berkeley.

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I recently had the opportunity to sample a vegetarian cheesesteak sandwich from the Cheesesteak shop on University between somewhere between San Pablo and 9th in Berkeley. I have to say that as unorthodox as it is--this was one really wonderful sandwhich. White bread, mushrooms, cheese and spinach. So gooey and oozy. And it was something like 3.25 and a full meal. My friend got the chicken sandwich--good but I actually enjoyed the veg. one more.

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read your post...only in Berkeley would they call it a veggie "cheesesteak"... at Pat's Steaks(the sine qua non of Philly cheesteak philosophy) they would throw you out of line for even ordering chicken!

    two questions though;

    did they use Whiz?
    was the bread a hoagie roll?

    always on the lookout for the genuine article...or even a cali-style nouveau veggie "steak" *grin*

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    1. re: Andrew

      My thoughts exactly about the "veggie cheesesteak"...=)

      There is a site from a homesick philadelphian that covered cheesesteak shops outside of Philly, and that place got very good reviews.

      1. re: garçon

        All I am saying is that it was a really really good little sandwich. Jeeze.

        1. re: Raphalla

          text (well my writing anyway) carries nuance very poorly...just bemusement from ex-philly people at the name. It would be like a SF native and devotee of tacquerias going to the east coast and find they were calling wraps burritos!

          1. re: Andrew

            I understand. It is just as a vegetarian who is really into food, I get a lot of flack for being too Berkeley, too California, what have you.

    2. If a genuine cheesesteak is what you are after, try WhizWit on Folsom between 11th & 12th. My best friends father owns a place on South Street (Charlie's), and even she gave it a thumbs up. Don't miss the waffle fries drowned in Whiz.

      Oh, and the one slightly "off thing" - unless you order your hoagie w/Whiz, it comes with provolone.

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      1. re: fatemeh

        I'll second the recommendation for Whiz Wit's cheesesteaks with cheese whiz -- good stuff (I was raised in Philly, so it's a taste of home). Their Italian hoagies are good as well (can request hot or sweet peppers). They've got two SF locations, and will deliver orders (minimum $12 order) until 10 pm. If I'm working late at the office I have them deliver a cheesesteak and a hoagie, and save the hoagie for lunch the next day. They've also got chicken cheesesteaks, grinders, and Tastykakes!

        1979 Union Street (w/in The Blue Light)

        1525 Folsom Street (@ 11th)


        1. re: Deb H.
          Mr. Bluetooth

          So whom do you guys think wins the battle - Whiz Wit or Cheesesteak Shop? Or are they both winners? I've been impressed with Cheesesteak Shop (they're a chain, BTW) but haven't tried Whiz Wit, mainly due to a negative impression put forth by the folks at

          1. re: Mr. Bluetooth
            Shelly Wallace

            I like the cheesesteaks at IB Hoagies on 21st (just off Broadway) in Oakland. They're tastier and better priced than the Cheesesteak Shop. And they have good onion rings!

            If you go, go with a friend and share the basket of fries.

            1. re: Shelly Wallace

              I tried the IB Hoagie in Berkeley, it's not bad. I also just had one at the Cheesesteak Shop on University. They added cold lightly pickled peppers to the sandwich. Is this how it's supposed to be done? Fresh peppers sauted on the skillet would have probably been a lot tastier.