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May 8, 2006 10:53 AM


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After reading the many glowing reviews of Restaurant Eve here, I am finally going to go! My in-laws are in town and we will be eating at the Bistro.
Two questions, 1)what is the dress here? and 2) What should we have?
Thanks in advance, you are always very helpful!

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  1. I don't think there's any dress codes, but most men in the restaurant wear a jacket and tie. The bistro is a little less formal.

    You must order a cocktail. The gibson is very good and so's the pickle martini (you really have to like pickles).

    I don't think I've ever had anything to eat there that wasn't fabulous. I can recommend the braised beef tripe.

    1. I tend to wear my best business casual blue jeans and a blazer. I'd suggest that you simply tell your waitperson (do people hate that word as much as I), to order for you (letting them know if you have any strange food fetishes of course). I've never had a bad meal in either the Bistro or the Tasting Room. Ask what Todd has created as the special drink and go for it.

      1. I had perhaps one of my best meals ever (in the US) at Eve last Saturday. We hosted another couple in the Tasting Room. We all chose the 5-course dinner option, and each option had several choices.

        The restaurant seems to have three areas, a bar/lounge area, the main dining room, and the "Tasting Room." The Tasting Room has less than 10 tables. It is simply but nicely appointed.

        Let me state right here that I am a perfectionist when it comes to service at a restaurant of this caliber. From the front door to the bus person, I expect everyone to adhere to the strictest interpretion of what is appropriate dining etiquette. The service last Saturday was as good or better than I have ever witnessed in DC, save perhaps Maestro and Citronelle. Every single person exuded professionalism. The greeting from the hostess stand, which so often is so bad, was absolutely welcoming. The 3.5 hour dinner was paced and staggered perfectly, and I can honestly say that I don't even remember dishes being served or cleared, wine being poured, or the table de-crumbed (though, of course, the waitress explained every new dish). It was completely unobtrusive.

        The wine list is ample and unusual and grouped by characteristics. I can add that it is very affordable. I was planning on spending quite a bit more, and found many very good choices in the $55-$75 area.

        We began with trio of amuse bouche that were all outstanding, especially fried seafood fritter in a version of tartar sauce. Then came a complimentary bowl of sorrell soup that was the best I've ever had. The first courses, particularly the scallop, were delicious, although I felt the lamb's tongue lacked taste. The seconds included a great lobster pouched in butter, light and airy gnocchi (although the sun-dried tomato sauce was a bit overpowering) and skate with avocado that was good, but a bit bland and a touch overcooked. Mains of lamb and quail were well received, while I thought the stewed tripe with cipollini (sp?)didn't benefit from a subsequent searing.

        But then Eve really set itself apart. Each of the 4 cheese offerings was just beautiful, intelligently joined with a different complement, such as a fruit compote, a homemade bread, or something else. The 4 desserts were even prettier, encompassing several preparations on each plate, delicious and sweet, without ever being dull. I have no taste for desserts and rarely ever eat them, yet I could not keep myself from stealing bite after bite. The meal ended with a plate of homemade cookies and candies and very good french press coffee.

        I'm a Bethesda guy and probably not heading back anytime soon do the geography. But if anyone in NoVA is looking for a convenient and affordable alternative to Citronelle for a very special occassion, Eve has it all.

        1. I'd say nice pants and a sport coat.

          Anyhow, if they have the Bouillebasse on the menu, it is superb. I have had it a few times in the Bistro. Otherwise, most everything is good. Hope you enjoy your meal