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May 2, 2006 11:30 AM

Georgian restaurant in DC area

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Hi All,

A year ago my boyfriend and I met in Tbilisi, Georgia. We'd like to go out to a place where we can get some great khachapuri and shashlik, but I'm having trouble finding a place. We heard of that Russian-Georgian place "Maxim", but their website went defunct on April 20, 2006, according to their server. Can anyone suggest/comment?

Thanks so much,


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  1. The best you'll be able to manage is to go to one of the Russian groceries in the area, such as the one in Rockville next door to Joe's Noodle House, and buy your chebureki and khachapuri there to eat at home (or in your car, if you're like me). Another (slim) possibility is to go to the Russia House in Herndon, which has a largely Georgian-esque menu, but I have never eaten there. And by the way, Maxim was awful and over-priced.

    1. Speaking of Russian deli/groceries, there's also on at the intersection of Rockville Pike & Nicholson Lane, just north of White Flint Mall. It's called Russian Gourmet I think, open daily.

      1. I love khachapuri and I'm crazy for natakhtari beer is the best, let me know where this place is please.

        1. I've never been to Georgia, but the khachapuri at Compass Rose is probably worth checking out.

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            Have had the khachapuri at compass rose, was pretty awesome . Melted cheese and butter are awesome along with the egg yolk to scoop up with the bread.

          2. Can't help with a Georgian restaurant in this area (but there are a bunch of them in Brighton Beach, Queens, if you wanted to take the bus up for a romantic weekend).

            There is a lot of Georgian food, packaged and ready-to-eat, and Georgian Wines at the Troika Gastronom Grocery in Falls Church (157A Hillwood Avenue)