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Oct 23, 2001 04:23 PM

Dying in Hayward

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Help - for 20 years I worked in downtown San Francisco. Needless to say, I never had problem finding a good place to eat lunch. I frequented most of the best restaurants in the financial district and Union Square area for lunch. I recently took a job in Hayward. I'm dying. I've been reduced to eating at Applebees and Chevy's - oh god save me. Nothing but strip mall restaurants and very bad Mexican places. I've actually had lunch at my desk twice. In my entire worklife I have never had lunch at my desk. Chowhounds, I beg you where can I eat lunch in the Hayward area? Since I eat by myself, it would be great to find a place with a bar. Thanks, Barry

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  1. Hey Barry, we wondered what happened to you.

    Here's a link to a recent thread on lunch eats in the area. You're not trying hard enough. (g) More to be found using the search engine on the main Chowhound page.


    1. I live in San Leandro, I saw the other thread, but does anyone know of a nearby yuppie deli? I don't mean sandwiches, I mean the kind of deli that has all sorts of things a good cook might make at hope. Like Market Hall in Rockridge. I know of other places on the Penninsula but none in SL. Thanks -- Tom

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        My first thought was AG Ferrari Foods, since the corporate headquarters is located in San Leandro. But checking the website (link below), the closest store would be in Montclair. Maybe you should post a complaint with Paul Ferrari that he's not taking care of the home town folks and tell him I sent you. (g)


      2. Barry,
        I've lived and worked in Hayward over 23 years. There are no good restaurants,many people swear by Val's burger Between B st. and Kelly st also many seem to love the taco truck on A st. I've never tried it but there's always a long line, my daughter says it's good.
        Hayward is lucky our neighbor Union City recently opened up Chevy's,TGIF,Pasta Pomador and a few other restaurants. If, you've been to Chevy's
        (Hayward does not have a Chevy's) you can find these restaurants in Union City's new development area, ten or fifteen minutes from Hayward. I believe Fremont is
        to far to drive for lunch. Also stay away from Applebee,Marie Calendar and Olive Garden in Hayward.

        Good Luck!!!!

        1. I was going through some old e-mails on chowhound and saw you plea for help. I worked in, near Hayward for 10 years and there 'ain't' much there, but I can recommend two places. Mi Cocina, 467 Jackson St. Hayward which has excellent Mexican food. The chicken fajitas are great. There's also Cafe Vasiliki at 25202 Hesperian Blvd., which has good food and a great salad bar. Good Luck