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Oct 23, 2001 02:36 AM

ankimo--where can I get some?

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I have been dreaming of ankimo (japanese anglerfish liver) lately. When is the season? I forget. And WHERE CAN I GET SOME in the North Bay?

Also... has anyone tried the Super Quesadilla Suiza with carne asada at the taqueria El Favorito on Sebastopol road (in the Albertson's complex)? It is KILLER, especially with that green avocado salsa.

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  1. I had some excellent ankimo at Sushi Ran in Sausalito. I'm not sure when the season is.

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    1. re: toro-papa

      Tom Armitage on the LA board mentioned that it's available year-round, but best in the winter.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        As the chef at one of NY's best sushi restaurants said to me when I said I thought this was a winter specialty: "It's always winter somewhere."

        1. re: Pat Goldberg

          And I'm sure you've gone out of your way to cultivatet this individual.

    2. I'll bet Sushi Gourmet in Strawberry Village (off 101 in Mill Valley) can hook you up. Don't let the fact that this place is in a mall fool you. It is the real deal.