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Apr 21, 2006 05:24 PM

Fish and Chips in Northern Virginia

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I've been craving good Fish and Chips lately. I know Kate's has some good Fish and Chips but I can't abide the smoke? Where else should I try?

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  1. Jimmy's in Herndon, but only on Fridays.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Arthur Treacher's still at Fairfax Circle?...not bad as I recall from years ago...

      1. re: Arthur

        Yes, AT is still there.

        1. re: foodgeek

          Haven't been in awhile...not bad, if memory serves...probably 1/2 the price of others mentioned.....wonder if many other locations still exist?

          1. re: Kent

            There's one off Route 1 just south of the Beltway.

        2. re: Arthur

          If you're suggesting AT, then I guess it is safe for me to also throw out Long John Silver's! Sometimes you just crave these things - don't forget the extra crunchies! There is onw on Rt.7/Leesburg Pike heading towards Tyson's away from Alexandria. I don't kknow if that makes sense or not - you may just want to check their website. I think there is also one in Potomac Mills and maybe Springfield Mall?

      2. If you can wait a couple of months, Chef Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve is opening Eamonn's - Dublin Chipper at 728 King Street (where the old "Scotland Yard" was.) It will also serve batter burgers and batter sausages.

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        1. re: jackie

          Maybe deep fried Snickers and Oreo's as well.


          1. re: jackie

            In his chat on, Armstrong said the restaurant wouldn't be open until June or July. We ate today at the new Daniel O'Connell's restaurant in Old Town Alexandria (100 block of King STreet). I thought the Fish & Chips were pretty tasty albeit a touch on the expensive side ($12 for two fairly small pieces of fish). Wifey had Cedar Grilled Salmon and said it was very good.


            1. re: TH

              Also Murphy's in Old Town Alexandria

          2. Dude, I TOLD you, Sine! ;)

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            1. re: Patyr

              Sine's fish and chips are pretty weak, both at the Downtown and Pentagon Row locations. Most likely frozen and with a fairly tasteless batter. They put more thought into their "Irish Nachos" than they do a staple like fish and chips. Ellis Island's are much better. Heck, Horace & Dickies is better.

            2. My local fav is the Old Brogue in Great Falls.

              I can't believe Hounds referred you to Arthur Treachers. If you're going to settle for fast food at least go to Long John's (Rt. 7 in Falls Church) for a step up from ATs.

              And it's not necessarily convenient except on a beautiful weekend when you might be inclined to take a scenic drive.....but the Hunter's Head Tavern in Upperville has the best fish n'chips around (including the chips).

              1. Kinkeads has a good version, although I prefer their fried Ipswich clams.