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Oct 22, 2001 07:10 PM

New neighborhood favorite

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Thanks to fellow Chowhounds Deb H., Celery & Lee, we tried Singapore Malaysia on Friday evening. What a find!!

Small but comfortable place with outgoing and helpful staff. We had:

Roti Canai- Delicious warm grilled buttery flatbread with a flavorful curry dipping sauce. Just a little heat, not overpowering at all. Addictive.

Pou Pia- Analagous to Vietnamese spring rolls but without the pork or mint rather,these have egg, prawns, bean sprouts and carrots. Topped with a tasty sweet soy sauce, these were fabulous.

Kari Ayam- Chicken in a fiery red coconut curry sauce, with potatoes. Hearty, comforting dish. Chicken falls off the bone.

House Special Japanese Rice Noodles- Thick noodles, can't remember but I think they were soba, with a complex smoky sauce studded with prawns, mushrooms and veggies. Couldn't finish it, yummm.

We ordered all three of the rice varieties, coconut and ginger really stood out. Amazing what a little addition does to white rice!

With two glasses of wine, the bill was something ridiculously low like $35.00? Grabbed a menu on the way out for future take-out. As I said to Deb H. "I can't believe there's a place in my neighborhood that I don't know about"! Well, I am glad I know about it now, thanks friends!!

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  1. Randy, here's a link to the report from our Chowhound dinner there in February to give you an idea about what to order next.


    1. Singapore Malaysian is one of my faves as well. I love going for lunch on the weekends, when the light comes in from the sunroof. The pepes ikan (steamed fish, spicy sauce, in banana leaf) is a fave (although I think Jakarta makes the best) and the fish soup is addictive.

      One complaint: they never seem to have several items on the menu, including the first appetizer which was supposed to be one of their signatures.

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        randy salenfriend

        The portions are so big that we were able to make a meal last night out of the leftover special noodles, chicken in red curry and the three versions of rice!!!!