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Oct 22, 2001 07:10 PM

New neighborhood favorite

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Thanks to fellow Chowhounds Deb H., Celery & Lee, we tried Singapore Malaysia on Friday evening. What a find!!

Small but comfortable place with outgoing and helpful staff. We had:

Roti Canai- Delicious warm grilled buttery flatbread with a flavorful curry dipping sauce. Just a little heat, not overpowering at all. Addictive.

Pou Pia- Analagous to Vietnamese spring rolls but without the pork or mint rather,these have egg, prawns, bean sprouts and carrots. Topped with a tasty sweet soy sauce, these were fabulous.

Kari Ayam- Chicken in a fiery red coconut curry sauce, with potatoes. Hearty, comforting dish. Chicken falls off the bone.

House Special Japanese Rice Noodles- Thick noodles, can't remember but I think they were soba, with a complex smoky sauce studded with prawns, mushrooms and veggies. Couldn't finish it, yummm.

We ordered all three of the rice varieties, coconut and ginger really stood out. Amazing what a little addition does to white rice!

With two glasses of wine, the bill was something ridiculously low like $35.00? Grabbed a menu on the way out for future take-out. As I said to Deb H. "I can't believe there's a place in my neighborhood that I don't know about"! Well, I am glad I know about it now, thanks friends!!

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  1. Randy, here's a link to the report from our Chowhound dinner there in February to give you an idea about what to order next.

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. Singapore Malaysian is one of my faves as well. I love going for lunch on the weekends, when the light comes in from the sunroof. The pepes ikan (steamed fish, spicy sauce, in banana leaf) is a fave (although I think Jakarta makes the best) and the fish soup is addictive.

      One complaint: they never seem to have several items on the menu, including the first appetizer which was supposed to be one of their signatures.

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        randy salenfriend

        The portions are so big that we were able to make a meal last night out of the leftover special noodles, chicken in red curry and the three versions of rice!!!!