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Apr 19, 2006 01:21 PM

Five Guys vs. Elevation vs. Cheeburger Cheeburger

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Shouldn't CC be included in the discussion? They have, I believe, four locations in the area now.

On my last visit (it's been a while) I ate one of their one-pound (or was it 20 oz.?) burgers just to get my pic on the wall. It went down quite easily, as did the fries and, especially, the onion rings.

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  1. But did you like it?

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    1. re: johnb

      Best 20-oz burger I've ever had. 8>D

      Yes, it was good. Pretty juicy, IIRC. Plenty of worthwhile toppings too. I'd like to see them open some locations in Virginia so I can get my hands on those onion rings without making a trip to Maryland.

    2. Elevation beats the pants off of 5 Guys. I haven't tried CC yet.

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        The Other Antonius

        I have a real problem with CC as well as Fuddruckers...they use frozen patties. At least five guys makes their own right in front of you...

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        1. re: The Other Antonius

          I'd rather have a frozen patty than one that gets all the juice pressed out of it. 5 Guys makes a big deal about only pressing their burgers once. It's really easy to press ALL the juice out of a patty in one press.

          1. re: The Other Antonius

            Cheeburger Cheeburger does not use frozen patties. That could not be farther from the truth. They use fresh Black Angus beef, that is delivered to their stores four times a week. The patties are made before each shift, I went to one and talked to the owner about how much I hate frozen meat. He brought me to the window where they were cutting the fresh meat.

            1. re: The Other Antonius

              I know an ownwer of a CC, I know for a fact that they do not use a frozen patty.... it is brought in fresh daily and it is certified black angus beef !

              1. re: juliamt

                Julia, I think the meat industry boasting about using Black Angus is their effort to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Black Angus are very popular with ADM and other feed lot owners because they throw healthy, light calves and then tolerate crowding and filthy conditions of the feed lots. Buying beef that is from a feedlot isn't what I think of as being premium meat. My mother is still in the business, I love beef, but I am not too impressed with the certified black angus campaign.

            2. I haven't been to Elevation yet (hurry up & open one in MD or DC please!) but I much prefer Chee'burger Chee'burger to 5 Guys, even the fries.
              (My very fave fries in suburban MD are CC & Urban BBQ)

              CC is more expensive than 5 Guys & it's table service, but if I'm short on cash, I get a $5.50 kids meal to go (for an extra $1 you can upgrade your kids meal drink to a milkshake. They have dozens of yummy shakes)

              They just opened a CC in Olney...

              1. I feel the pain of all those who are waiting for one or more of these to open near their homes. I live in MD near Friendship Heights and NONE of these burger places have locations nearby - not in restaurant-heavy Bethesda, not in Chevy Chase, not in upper NW DC. What gives? I understand the higher rents but we have lots of low cost and fast food eateries in the area. But nothing like this. Put any of these burger places in Bethesda and there will be a line out the door.

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                1. re: Pork Belly

                  I waffle back and forth between Five Guys and Elevation. There are things that I like better at each one but I'm not going to get just a burger at one and just fries at the other, I get a mean, so it sort of depends on whether I'm in it for the food or the junk.

                  I've never tried Cheeburger Cheeburger. I've heard that there are a few around the area now, but I don't know where they are, and with 5 Guys and Elevation just a few minutes away, I don't want to make a big deal out of getting a burger. Where's the closest CC to Falls Church?

                  1. re: Mike

                    Looks like the one I've been to -- on Shady Grove Rd in Rockville -- is the closest one to Falls Church.

                    According to the CC Web site, they have Virginia outposts in Richmond and Williamsburg.

                    Wonder why they are avoiding NOVA.


                    1. re: Bob W.

                      I can freshly grind the meat, fire up the charcoal grill, and make my own quicker than I can go to Rockville. Guess Cheeburger Cheeburger will have to wait a while to get my seal of approval.

                      1. re: Bob W.

                        I can freshly grind the meat, fire up the charcoal grill, and make my own quicker than I can go to Rockville. Guess Cheeburger Cheeburger will have to wait a while to get my seal of approval.

                    2. re: Pork Belly

                      There's a Five Guys sign in one of the windows of the Mama Lucia's on Elm Street in Bethesda. I've only seen it driving by and haven't read it closely, but it seems to me that a 5G may be coming into a space there on Elm in Bethesda. I can only hope...I'm tired of trucking out to the Kentlands or to Georgetown for a burger.

                      1. re: Andrew

                        Excellent, thanks! They'll do great there.

                        1. re: Andrew

                          I saw a 5G sign in the Rockville Mama's last night.

                          1. re: chris f

                            They put up the signs because the same ownership group that runs Mamma Lucia is running the new Five Guys in Gaithersburg/Germantown.

                            Don't know where their rights start and end, but I have heard that there is a Five Guys going onto Shady Grove Road in the Home Depot Shopping Center (The end where the bagel place used to be).

                            1. re: hm

                              Bummer. Looks like we're back to square one.

                              1. re: Pork Belly

                                I continue to be amazed that no one has opened one in the new Silver Spring downtown area.

                                1. re: Pork Belly

                                  I know it's a late post, but there's a 5 Guys on Wisconsin and Dumbarton. A bit of a hike, for sure.

                          2. re: Pork Belly

                            Apparently a Cheeburger Cheeburger just opened in Olney.

                            1. re: dinwiddie

                              There's a cheeburger Cheeburger and Five guys in Shady Grove. I have to try Cheeburger. I heard it's really good esp. their onion rings. yum!