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Apr 18, 2006 04:06 PM

Sequoia in Georgetown ... is it really THAT bad?

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I'm bracing myself for the answers to this one, but I would like the expert opinions of this board. I have a few family members (parents + relatives) coming into town in a few weeks. I live in Georgetown, and they'll obviously be staying with me.

I was strongly considering making reservations at Sequoia, based on its location on the river. However, I've been investigating the reviews online and was floored! by what seemed to be the uniformly negative consensus: great view (someone wrote "if you could eat a view, this would be the best place in DC"), horrible service, mediocore food.

Has anyone gone to Sequoia and had a GOOD dining experience? Should I bother making reservations here, or try to find another place?

I'm obviously interested in somewhere that could showcase a part of DC that I love. But I don't know if it's worth going if the service is going to be condescending and the food only palatable.


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  1. Sequoia's not horrible, but don't go on prom night. Once we had reservations at Sequoia, and it was clearly prom night when we got there. They said it would be an hour wait, even though we had reservations! We went somewhere else. We've been to Sequoia a couple of other times regardless, and the food and service were fine, not spectacular, but good enough that it didn't ruin our evening.

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      Never really had a bad meal but never a good meal. Mostly marginal for the cost however, the view is nice. You can find better places.

    2. Service isn't bad unless it's a very busy night (college graduations, and any Friday in the summer, when its overrun with summer law associate happy hours), but the food ranges from servicable to poor. It is aimed at tourists. Bring the relatives, order burgers and don't expect too much. Or go to Mendocino, Bistro Francais, BlackSalt or any number of other places in or near Georgetown that have decent food. You can always start or end at Sequoia for drinks and the view.

      1. You go there for the view, not the food. Avoid it on Friday and Saturday nights. Unless you're a frottage enthusiast. Ridiculously crowded.

        It can be entertaining on warm evenings, to have a cocktail and watch the mating rituals of the "boat hos" along the waterfront. But avoid the food: mediocre at best and overpriced. That view's expensive.

        1. i went in the fall on a near-empty night. service was great, but then again, restaurant was empty. the waiter was very friendly and made some recommendations. my food was good. not spectacular, but better than average.

          1. It's just ok, but it's good enough if you just want to enjoy the outdoors and friends. Just stick with basics and I recommend salads. I've had bad luck getting hot food served hot.