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Indigo Landing?

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Has anyone been yet? Reports? Opinions? Heard anything? I love Charleston, and I'd love to get some good low country food around here.

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  1. I have not been there yet nor have I heard from anyone who has. But for good low country food, try Georgia Browns in DC

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      My experience at Indigo Landing was horrible. I cannot afford to be a foodie, but once and awhile like to treat myself to a nice restaurant. Indigo Landing has a great atmosphere, but was a terrible dining experience. One of my dining companions does not eat pork and found the menu very limiting. We waited a good hour for our food and then I spent the remainder of my evening sick.

      I hope if you do go you have a much better experience.

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        Yeah, real reliable report. Companion doesn't eat pork and you expect a place that serves Lowcountry to meet your needs. And you were sick. You didn't enjoy yourself but it doesn't sound like the restaurant is to blame any for that.

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          Exactly.... You don't go to a seafood restaurant if you are allergic to shellfish... its a bad idea because probably the kitchen is coated in some traces of shellfish..

          What Im trying to say is that everyone knows this restuarant is all about contemporary low country cuisine...you better expect pork fat baby!

          Also... It's a new group of managers and chefs working with fry cooks from the past restaurant in that location.. try it again in 5 months and see if they've improved.. every restaurant starts out not exactly how they want.. I can't wait to visit when I fly in to DC sometime next year..

    2. My family and I went to Indigo Landing looking forward to an impressive view and some tasty shrimp and grits.
      We got the great views, but the food definitely fell short.

      The host and hostess were welcoming and seated us quickly at an indoor table. The dining experience began to decline from there.

      We ordered a bottle of wine and 2 starters - fried green tomatoes and crab cakes. The crab cake was delicious; it was chockful of fresh crab and bursting with flavor. The fried green tomatoes had a nice batter/coating, but lacked seasoning - the tomatoes were disappointing.

      We enjoyed the house bread basket that included ham breadsticks, mini jalepeno cornbread muffins and some kind of biscuit/flatbread concoction. The latter two were delicious and were quickly finished off by our table.

      We ordered 2 main courses: the trout with collard greens and shrimp and grits. The trout was completely forgettable. The greens were fine. The shrimp and grits looked so promising, but the shrimp were actually hard on the surface. They must have been cooked well initially, but the shrimp were either kept under a heat lamp or in a warming oven that caused the tops of the shrimp to dry out. The tough shrimp surface was a disappointment. The grits were good, but isn't anything with creme? We also had a side of foie gras hush puppies...it was interesting idea, but didn't play out well in execution.

      The service was severely lacking - the server spilled the salt shaker on my mother when he served the main course. He didn't even apologize! We had to ask him two times for a bread basket. Our server must have been in a rush because before we finished our starters, he was already asking us for our main course orders.

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        Where is this place?

      2. I've had the same experience with very poor service. I was at the bar and ordered two glasses of Semillon (after a long wait). The bartender came over with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I then had to point to the menu to get him to understand me. Then he disappeared again. Then he came back and told me they were out of the Semillon.

        A large (15-ish) group of us were sitting in the lounge area drinking and eating starters. The server was doing well to try to keep up with us. But after the finished plates were sitting in front of us for 30 mins, they came over and bussed one table, but not the other table. We finally had to ask for them to clear away all the dishes.

        As it got darker, I asked the maitre d' if he could bring the lights up in our area. He said sure, then seemed to fuss at it for 10 minutes, then disappeared with no results, and no mention to me that he couldn't figure it out. I went over to the hostess to ask again and she said he was working on it (from where I have no idea). Finally we asked our waiter and he did it in two seconds.

        I know I didn't mention the food, but really it was not worth mentioning. A very quirky menu to be sure, and the food drew mixed results from the crowd. But really the service is some of the worst I've seen.

        Great view though.

        My suggestion: grab a cocktail at the bar and watch the sunset, then dine elsewhere.

        1. Stick to Georgia Brown's. The menu is very limited regardless of what type food you prefer and the ambiance is lacking. The chicken was dry, the crab cakes were not good and the sides were mediocre. I feel like this restaurant is trying to be something it is not and I can't say that I like it. Save yourself the time and money and go elsewhere.

          1. It seems Indigo is better for lunch. We ate outside with the heat and the jets! It has been nicely spruced up and it is a very comfortable, elegant setting. The restaurant has been re-done in shades of green and brown. The service was outstanding and the food was good.

            I had shrimp and grits, one of my favorite low country foods. It was
            enhanced by bacon, leeks, mushrooms and sage jus. Charleston has better and uses tasso ham to a better turn, but this one wasn't bad. I believe some of my reaction to the food was because of the heat. I am
            determined to try shrimp and grits inside in the A/C or outside when it cools off!

            The bread was biscuits, delicious biscuits, with soft butter and honey.
            The butter was about the size and shape of a jelly glass and had a small hole in the middle with honey in it. Very clever and easy to use.

            Our guest had iced tea and they gave her a small pitcher of simple sugar for it! Now, that was a very nice touch! She had country fried chicken and pronounced it very good. It came with buttermilk fingerling mash, spring vegetables, onion gravy

            My husband had a hamburger which was called Squeaky Clean Burger, house ground beef on a Potato Roll with Fries, and he called it

            I had a jasmine tea/lemonade drink which was unusual and pretty. I
            thought it good and refreshing.

            Recommend returning some lunch time and trying it again.

            1. Made my second trip to Indigo Landing this past Saturday for lunch. The place looks great - super view (water, boats, airplanes) - service could not have been better (almost too attentive) - but the food?? My guest had the Oyster Cobb Salad - oysters and salad were good, but the ham lurking at the bottom of the bowl was poorly trimmed - very fatty and tough to cut, chew or eat.

              I tried the chicken pot pie - certainly not your grandmother's pot pie - the filling was served in a thin bread crust and topped with watercress - the taste from this dish lingered with him until late in the afternoon - not necessarily a pleasant lingering. I enjoy "low country" cooking, but left Indigo unimpressed. The menu just doesn't suit my tastes or interest. I'll probably give it a 3rd visit, but if it is like the other two, this will be a strike out.

              1. I found it very enjoyable, except for the spotty front desk and overall service. Food was quite good, much better than Georgia's, IMO.

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                  Haven't tried Indigo, and probably won't until they get their act together, but I can't see why folks keep praising Georgia Browns. If I wanted to eat overpriced sodium-rich food in a crowd, I'd save the money and have lunch in a salt mine.

                  The general rule in DC seems to be, "You can have good food or a waterside view, but forget about having both."

                2. Way too overpriced for the quality of the food. Worst service in the area, hands down. Slow, very inexperienced staff, especially up front and at the bar.

                  1. Don't forget about the shrimp at Oohs and Aahs. India Abbott-Wilson is from coastal Carolina. Add the collards and rice with gravy and you've got yourself one heck of a meal.

                    1. I was there about a month ago for Sunday brunch. Great atmosphere; great views. Food was not bad (hard to damage brunch food), but was way overpriced for what you got.

                      However, I will say Indigo is a big improvement over Potowmack Landing.

                      1. I have been meaning to write a letter of complaint to this restaurant ever since my co-workers and I went there about a month ago for drinks and appetizers after work. The only reason we went there was due to it's proximity to our office and to sit on the deck since it was a great Friday night.

                        We got there before 5pm and there were very few people there - including staff. It took almost 20 minutes before anyone came over to take our order (after we'd gotten drinks ourselves at the bar) since we wanted to order food. We had requested to sit outside but the host staff refused to sit us out there since we weren't ordering "dinner". There were 8 of us and we were going to drink and have appetizers AND there was NOBODY outside!

                        After the first round of drinks and some very poor tasting but expensive appetizers, we decided we would order some dinner items and tried again to see if we could sit outside since there were still very few people in the restaurant. The (RUDE) host snidly asked me if we were going to be ordering "full dinner" and not just appetizers so I said yes. He said it was not possible to seat 9 people outside (we had one more join us) and that he'd have to get an ok from his manager. I asked him if the tables were bolted down and how do they normally accomodate parties of more than 4-6. He said he'd have to check with his manager - which of course he never did.

                        Our cocktail waiter was rude and inattentive. We spent several hundred in just the time we were there and probably would've spent more except for the poor food and service made us decide to leave after the next round.

                        NEVER AGAIN. I used to work there when it was Potowmack Landing (opened the restaurant back in the 80's) and I cannot agree with Mulan who said it is an improvement over the last restaurant. At least people were allowed to sit outside whether they were ordering a full dinner or not. I can't believe what customer service has become in this country. Being an ex-waitress/bartender, it's hard for me not to leave a tip but boy do the servers of today tempt me!!

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                          I too had been planning to write a letter of complaint to the owners of Indigo Landing about the poor atmosphere. I'd even planned to "threaten" a posting on Chowhound, but I see it's way too late, so I'll just go ahead and describe my experience. On Saturday, October 22, my husband and I took our European guest to dinner on his last night in the States for a sample of real American cooking --- and a grand view. Our server was good, but what happened was mostly out of her hands. The little amuse bouche which another server grandly presented "with compliments of the house" was like a bad joke. It was 1/2 a baby carrot, 1/2 a baby yellow squash (rotten in one part), and 1/2 of a baby zucchini. No sauce, no nothing. They were barely cooked and looked pitiful on the naked plate. I told our server that it was, "stupid," and she replied, "well, I keep telling them that, honey." Then came the bread basket which was ok; the wine was nicely served, the sunset right on time, but THEN the music was turned up so loud that we had to raise our voices to be heard above it! We waived our arms to get some attention and signal to some staff to turn the music down. We asked the waitress to turn it down. Then some front desk person came to ask, "is there a problem? I've turned it down five times." Imagine my embarassment when our guest explained that since he was foreign he had a hard enough time comprehending the language without the loud music. I told her that it would be appropriate in a bar, but not in a restaurant. She ignored us. I was flabbergasted! Don't think we are old fogies with hearing aides, not yet, anyway. I love loud music, but in its place. This was unbelievable. I might go again -- the skate was fabulous -- but I'll go with trepidation and will probably consider Georgia Brown's thanks to the folks here on Chowhound.

                        2. If you didn't want to go into DC and stay near to Indigo Landing but with good Low Country food, try Southside 815 - It's on the south side of Old Town at 815 S Washington St.

                          1. I've read mostly negative posts on this thread, but mine is completely different. I've been to Indigo Landing a few times, and have not had a bad experience yet.

                            I went with a few friends simply for drinks - they didn't really have any happy hour specials, but that was OK. Several more friends showed up and they were happy to accomodate us. In fact, we were all sitting at the outside bar, and all ordered from the menu (not one of use actually ordered a meal - it was all appetizers). We all had a great time - the bartenders were extremely attentive, and actually gave us a few things on the house.

                            I've also been for brunch. Admittedly, it is way too much food - we were unable to eat for the rest of the day. But, you get what you pay for. It's a $30 brunch, which is pretty high in my opinion. The food was spectacular though, and I will definitely go back when I have company in town, etc. You can't beat the view!

                            1. We've been to Indigo Landing three times now. We dine out in Old Town at least once a month and Indigo Landing has quickly become our favorite spot. While a bit pricey, the food is excellent and the view is superb. Service has been adequate and attentive each time. Last night we ordered the veal cheeks which were heavenly. In fact, everything from the bread basket through dessert received high marks from my table. My only complaint is the noise level which makes dinner conversation difficult to impossible. Nevertheless, we fully intend to return and work our way through the menu.

                              1. The hubbie and I went to Indigo Landing for Lunch after reading Tom Seitsema's review in the Washington Post. The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere overlooking the river. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed with the food and the service.

                                I had a salad which was supposed to consist of pickled watermelon and shrimp. The salad consisted of lettuce with bland shrimp and watermelon pieces and it was very watery from the juice of the melon. I was expecting some sort of seasoning. It was like dipping bland shrimp in watermelon juice.

                                Husband had something with fried green tomatoes. He said he couldn't taste the tomatoes and the tomatoes were overfried. Overall, the meal was unforgettable and one of the worst we had ever had.

                                1. So a group of us ate there last night. I was completely unimpressed. The apps were all good. The meals, not so much. The wine selection was pretty poor unless you wanted to overpay for mediocre wine. The service was really bad. It took us over two hours to eat. It's a shame though because the location is really cool. I'll never go there again.

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                                    Ate there yesterday and it was WORSE than awful!! in all areas!!
                                    Only consolation was they removed the cost of a terrible crab soup and burnt burger off the bill.

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                                      There's tape over the name on the parkway signs, and the Web site says it'll be closed from October till late March 2008.

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                                        Not surprised at all. I never got the relatively good press it got in the WaPo and Washingtonian.
                                        I last ate brunch there last spring. I rarely say never again, but...never again. I can only hope that one day the food being served there rises to the view.


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                                          I'm with you - my experiences there left me scratching my head re the positive reviews and press. Re tape over signs - anyone have the scoop as to whether they're really reopening as Indigo, or maybe something different - and hopefully worthy of the view, as monavano mentioned?

                                  2. Indigo Landing is re-opening on March 20. Sounds like it's no longer "low country" but more "American" cuisine. A bit of everything. I'm looking forward to the deck. http://houndstoothgourmet.com/a-la-mi...