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Apr 14, 2006 01:43 PM

Cheap oysters in NOVA or DC?

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I am searching for a decent oyster bar happy hour in the Arlington/DC area. I hear Fin's used to be great, 50 cents an oyster but they are closed now. Does anyone know of a good oyster bar with decent prices?
Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Old Ebbitt. Just under a buck per oyster, and just about everything at the excellent Raw Bar is half off. Monday through Thursday 3-6 PM for happy hr.

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      Oyster Happy Hour

      Clydes in gallery place as an oyster happy hours at 3pm i belive. Maybe its on thrusdays you will have to check

      1. Thanks! I will give them a try!

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          I had forgotten one...Sea Catch. I didn't mention Clydes because going to Old Ebbitt over clyde's is a no-brainer unless they offer extended happy hours.

          Sea Catch in Georgetown has an Oyster HH that runs later if 3-6 at Ebbitt doesn't work for you. Oysters are discounted every night, all night, at the raw bar: $1 ea from 5-7, $1.75 ea til close. Buck per is the same you would pay at ebbitt.

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            Going to Old Ebbitt over Clyde's may be a no-brainer, but since Clyde's owns Old Ebbitt, it would likely be much the same stuff...

            1. re: jkdc

              This is true...I called it a no-brainer precisely for that reason. If you consider that both restaurants would likely get the same oyster stock, I would take the one that has significantly more oyster turnover and more attention paid to its oyster program/staff. I can assure you that's Old Ebbitt, and they'd probably tell you the same thing at Clyde's. That being said, if there is a better deal price-wise running at Clyde's, no harm in checking that out as I'm sure they'll be good quality.

              You can always wait 7 months til oyster riot, not that I'm counting down or anything...there the deal you get on the oysters is only bounded by how many you can eat, which usually bodes well for me. But 5 dozen or so oysters and a bottle or so of wine can lead to one nasty dehydration headache...

              1. re: Lowbar

                I agree about the major Oyster Riot headache . . . but mine comes from the loud music echoing through the Atrium in which they hold it!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. It's not a bar and there's no happy hour, but if you just want good, fresh, inexpensive oysters, take yourself to the Maine Avenue fish Market (metro: L'Enfant or the Circulator Bus). I think a dozen is $10.