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Oct 22, 2001 02:52 PM

great (non-deli) sandwiches

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Does anyone know of any sandwich places around that do interesting, non-deli style sandwiches? I live in SF. Thanks.

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  1. Try Food Inc. on California Street (at Divisadero). They have great sandwiches there. My favorite is the club or the neo-blt, which is on focaccia bread. The turkey panini is really good too. On a side note, the tuna nicoise salad is the best!

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      cafe tartine on gough and fell
      great french baguette sandwiches
      all with a vinaigrette, super light
      and yummy

    2. And then there's Saigon Sandwiches for bahn mi: Vietnamese pork, chicken, or beef on crusty French bread with shredded carrots & cilantro, all for under $3. It's on Larkin near Eddy in the 'Loin.

      1. mmmmm ... i love bay bread sandwiches. fig and prosciutto is great. very simple, not much more to it than fresh bread, fig, prosciutto, and some cheese or butter (can't remember which). and just as a testament, i am not a huge sandwich eater. could definitely do without them in general, but those are perfection.

        Bay Bread
        2325 Pine Street, 415.440.0356

        other locations too.

        1. I like the sandwiches at Savor on 24th St. They serve a nice variety of sandwiches, crepes, etc. They also offer a special sandwich of the day that's not on the regular menu.

          Here's a link to their menu:


          1. I, unfortunately, cannot bite into sandwiches anymore since i have a fake front tooth, however, i run the risk of popping it out everytime, for a sandwich from Molinari's in North beach. I highly recommend the hot sandwiches that they have, especially the Sausage, pepper and onion!!!!
            it is making my mouth water just thinking about it!

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              Or you could go across Columbus and down the street toward Washington Square to Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store and get the tender eggplant on focaccia sandwich and not endanger your dentistry. (vbg) Open late too, to boot.