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Apr 11, 2006 05:51 PM

Chinese in Rockville (for picky senior citizen)

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Looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Rockville. Something my elderly, picky, unadventurous mother would like. She likes shrimp in lobster sauce, chicken with mixed vegetables, that sort of thing. Won't eat anything spicy or exotic. Good egg drop soup would be a plus.

(And it has to be Chinese -- Thai or Vietnamese are out of the question.)

Something near Montrose/Rockville Pike preferred, but anywhere in Rockville will work. Wheaton is definitely too far, unfortunately.


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  1. Far East Restaurant (on Nicholson Lane, off the pike)is good. They have a good shrimp in manderin sauce I've had. All food is good that we've had & been going there for years.

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      Is Far East the big building you can see from the Pike? Or a smaller place further down Nicholson (near the lighting store)?

    2. Seven Seas would probably fit the request -- my parents like it well enough. It is on the back side of Federal Plaza (where Trader Joe's is, but on the E. Jefferson St. side).

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      1. re: Terrie H.

        Oh, right, I forgot all about Seven Seas. I've been meaning to try it for years. Thanks.

        1. re: Mallomar

          Seven Seas is a very good choice. Plenty of old stand-bys for Mom, and good quality ingredients, well-prepared. Same goes for Jade Palace, just over the Rockville border into Potomac (Cabin John Shopping Center, at the intersection of Seven Locks Rd. and Tuckerman Lane).

      2. Hope I'm not too late, but Tony Lin's in the Montrose Crossing shopping center is exactly what you want. Grandma can order off the regular menu, and you can ask for the fully translated Chinese menu, and get something actually worth eating.

        1. The original comment has been removed