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Oct 22, 2001 12:25 PM

Recent Bay Area Visit

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Just got back from a week long visit to SF and wanted to post a bit about some of the chowing I did. I wasn't very adventurous as there is only so much room in my stomach and I wanted to hit my fave's. Here goes:

Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store- They still turn out a great Meatball Sandwich on Liguria Bakery Foccaccia. Love the pepporoncini on the side. The Coffee in North Beach and SF in general is a welcome treat to New York City's derth of good joe.

Yank Sing - I love their Dim Sum and although expensive, its fresh and tasty. Had some amazing Lobster dumplings. and they came around with Peking duck served with scallions, a small steamed soft bun and a sauce to make your own Duck Bun. Deep Fried Tofu Cakes with Seaweed were good as well.

Pancho Villa's- I've seen the postings about the great burrito hunt going on the SF board and I always gravitate to this place. Had some tasty Al Pastor taco's. Still strong. Wish they would open up this place in NYC!

Fog City Dinner - They've changed the menu a bit and I'm sure for the better. My brother had the Pork Chop with the Cornmeal Pudding on the side. Well Prepared with a noce sauce. The Halibut needs some work, served with a beet risotto. Wonder what other thoughts are on this place.

Sam Wo's (2am)- Had to have the Cold Noodle Roll. Was drinking at Li Po and the Buddha Bar a couple of classic Chinatown Bars. Still the best thing you can buy for $2.50 in SF

In/Out Burger (Fisherman's Wharf)- Have to throw this in as I can't believe they finally opened one up in SF. a cheap grease fix.

We hit a couple of other spots but can't remember them due to Jet Lag. Still a great chowtown!

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  1. Hi SLAP, thanks for sharing the nostalgia tour with us. I didn't know that In/Out had a location in SF!

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      In-N-Out just opened at Fisherman's Warf. One of only 2 locations that does not have a drive thru.

      1. re: Calvinist

        Would the other be the location in Marin? I noticed that the design could accommodate a drive-thru, but I'd heard that the local powers that be nixed it.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          The one in Marin is on 798 Redwood Hwy., Mill Valley.

          1. re: Nikel

            I think you're right -- the one in Marin has no drive thru, although the location (unlike F-Warf) is suitible.

        2. re: Calvinist

          I think their burgers are good but I wish they would double cook their fries or at least cook them a bit more crispy.

          1. re: gordon wing

            just ask for "well done" on the fries, and that is what you'll get - extra crispy!


            1. re: brad kaplan

              Great tip! and thanks for the link to the other tidbits about In and Out Burger....very fun stuff. I love talking in code....

        3. re: Melanie Wong

          Kind of funny, we just tried last Saturday to see if it was one of the good In-n-Out's. While all the InO's are owned by the corp (I believe), I've seen a wide disparity between the good ones and the bad ones. Unfortunately, the Wharf one is nothing special - it's good, but not great like some of the other locations - french fries weren't cooked to crispiness, but my Double-Double was good. My favorite one is on the 5 near Valencia/Magic Mountain. That one always does huge business, but they have fresh and well prepared burgers and fries. I haven't tried the Mill Valley spot yet, although I've passed it a hundred times, so that one is on the list, but I would probably take Johnny Rockets over the Wharf In-N-Out (for chain burgers).

          1. re: srf1

            Steven, I hadn't thought about it that deeply, but yes, there are differences. I find the Rohnert Park location better than Mill Valley. I haven't been to the one in Mountain View yet.

            1. re: srf1

              i've eaten at the mountain view and sunnyvale in-n-outs, and much prefer the sunnyvale one (on el camino)!! the mountain view one nevers lives up to my lofty expectations for some reason or another.

              1. re: brad kaplan

                Last night, my friend got a partially cooked patty from the Sunnyvale one.

                1. re: brad kaplan

                  I love that chowhound discernment injects itself into discussion of fast food too. Now I know to skip the Mountain View location.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I've been to the Peninsula In&Out about 5 times, it was consistently good. So where the Mill Valley and Pinole ones, I've never had a bad or slightly subpar burger&fries experience in over 30-40 visits.

                    One of the things I like about this place is squeezing the lemon wedge into my Coke, it tastes better with extra lemon.

                    1. re: garçon

                      Which location/town do you consider Peninsula?

                      The difference I find between Rohnert Park and Mill Valley is that Rohnert Park does a better job of really carmelizing the grilled onions. The two times I ordered these in Mill Valley they were wet and soggy with no grilled flavor - so now I know to skip 'em. Also, RP manages to get some seared flavor on the burger too.

                      I like to put lemon wedges in my coke or lemonade too. The one advantage of Mill Valley is that since I have to go inside to order, I'll finish half my drink and refill it by the time my pick-up is ready.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        The Peninsula one is the one on the Rengstroff (sp?) exit, Mountain View (or was it Redwood City), in the mall with the Krispy Kreme.

                        W/ regards to the onions, maybe the management is slipping you soggy burgers because they are upset about your drink pilfering habit! ;)