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Easter Lamb Cake -- where in the DC area?

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Growing up in NJ, there was/is a custom to have an Easter cake [from a bakery, not homemade] of white cake in the shape of a lamb, covered with vanilla icing and cocoanut flakes. Basically a cocoanut layer cake but in a special shape.

I've never seen these in the DC area. Suggestions on where they may be found? Thanks

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  1. The old Schuman's (sp?) Bakery on South Washington Street in Old Town Alexandria used to bake those cakes. Firehook took over that bakery but they kept many of Schuman's old recipes. You might want to give them a try. They also used to make cakes in the shape of an egg. Another option might be Reeves Bakery downtown on H Street (I think) in Metro Center.

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        Reeves has now sadly closed forever. RIP.

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          Reeve's is indeed missed. where the chicken was fried in lard and everyone called you hon.

      2. I think Polish food stores are selling those, check if you have any in the DC area

        1. I know the cake that you are referring to. You may want to consider driving up to the Baltimore region, were there actually is a Polish population. Good luck.

          1. You might also call Pastries by Randolph they have a lot of seasonal cakes. They are French, but they may have it, they do a beautiful yull log during the holidays, and last year at Easter they had an amazing amount of themed pastries.

            1. That's a tough one, Bob. May I ask if the type of cake you were accustomed to in NJ was expensive?

              I'm sure that you can get any fancy bakery in the area to make you anything for the right price. I also know that many grocery store bakeries have a catalog of special order cakes. You may also want to check with Costco (though, they make mostly decorated sheet cakes).

              1. Have you considered buying a lamb cake pan at Target, etc. and making a lamb cake? I'm sure that using a cake mix would work with buttercream frosting and coconut. It could become an annual specialty for you and you won't have to run all over town.

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                  I remember seeing this as a child and it wasn't a 2-D sheet cake, it was a 3-D sculpture that really only a pro could pull off.

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                    The 3-D lamb cake doesn't require a pro. Even I can do this one. My kids were able to do it.
                    I have an inexpensive lamb mold (German, about $10) and use a pound cake recipe. I've even used cake mixes when time was at a premium, and made cupcakes with the extra batter.
                    Molds are available in different styles at lots of price points, along with bunnies and other Easter symbols. http://fantes.com/easter.html
                    The decoration is nothing but a simple buttercream applied with a pastry bag and a star tip. Just dot the stars all over the lamb and then add some colored something or other for eyes and the nose. My kids wouldn't eat coconut when they were little, but you can also pat coconut into the icing.
                    Sprinkle some dyed green coconut on the plate around the lamb with some jelly beans and chocolate eggs, and you're all set!

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                      ok it just looked intimidating.

                      esp. when mom put blood dripping fangs on it...

                2. Desserts by Gerard in Oxon Hill makes them.