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Oct 21, 2001 08:51 PM

Seltzer Sisters Delivers

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I forgot. At the dinner Saturday night, I mentioned that I've been getting seltzer delivered to my home for over 10 years. It's one luxury that I have kept no matter how poor I've been. Cheryl and Rochelle suggested y'all might be interested.

Seltzer Sisters
(650) 533-5559

And apparently it helped me snag a husband, as Michael recently testified in a newsletter...

"Rochelle has been having seltzer delivered, in antique bottles and wood crates, for more than 10 years. When she served it to him on our first date, Michael knew she was a groovy chick. We are now both totally addicted to having refreshing, bubbly seltzer delivered a couple times a month. It is the world's best thing to have in your refrigerator when you're looking to rehydrate.

Seltzer Sisters is based in Redwood City, and delivers their flagship product, along with a great selection of syrups and other seltzer-related items, throughout the Bay Area. If you're already getting drinking water
delivered to your house, switch over to seltzer (get a filter for your tap for still water).

You won't be disappointed."

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  1. z
    Zach Georgopoulos

    Wow, thanks for the tip -- this is good news! I use one of the co2 charged seltzer bottles, but it never reaches the same level of carbonation. Of course, even with that lying around friends are always trying to pull a "three stooges" maneuver during parties. I can only imagine what would happen with the real thing being handy...

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    1. re: Zach Georgopoulos
      Rochelle McCune

      Yes...I admit that I know first hand that Seltzer Sister bottles have a strong spray with a long reach! In the early years, I was naive and ordered extra seltzer for parties thinking people would drink it. When guests got out of hand with the seltzer and I would just laugh and scream "take it outside!". I think its the antique bottles that pushes people over the edge. And some people are just trigger happy.

      And on occasion I have shot myself getting it out of the fridge. (I tend to drink the most seltzer when I have the least number active brain cells.) Its generally funny, but not when its the last bottle. Michael gets hysterical if we are out of seltzer for more than a day or two. Luckly, SS delivers to the cafe across the street so we can latch on to their delivery schedule if needed.

      1. re: Rochelle McCune

        Seltzer Sisters is great. With a 17 mo. old in the house we use their plastic "safety" bottles rather than the much cooler glass ones.

        Did I mention that the price comes out cheaper than Pelegrino from Trader Joes? And as it's delivered so no lugging cases of water from car to house.....

      2. re: Zach Georgopoulos
        randy salenfriend

        Ok but what tune made Curly go crazy? Seltzer talk inspired me!

        1. re: randy salenfriend
          Zach Georgopoulos

          "Ok but what tune made Curly go crazy? Seltzer talk inspired me!"

          Why, "Pop Goes the Weasel," of course!

          1. re: Zach Georgopoulos
            randy salenfriend

            Hey there Zach!! A little stooge trivia goes a long way no? Way to go!


      3. Rochelle, I am eternally grateful to you -- a thousand "thank you's" is not enough.

        Seltzer Sisters will be making their maiden voyage to my home tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night I will drink to my heart's content...ahhh, delish seltzer water. Ambrosia!