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Oct 21, 2001 05:03 PM

Bargain Eating in the Bay Area

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Because this Web software does not allow me to place posts in chronogical order--reverse chronogical order even for a few second, I am not sure if somebody has already placed the following link.

Even I tried today's links introduced by other people a few minutes ago, I did not find the following from today's the San Francisco Chronicle article.

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article...

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  1. Coriya Hot Pot City was at its peak perhaps four to six years ago. They have been cutting down ever since on both the variety and the quality of the ingredients. The last three or four times I went to its various locations (Clement, Milpitas) I was consistently disappointed. The marinaded meat selection was meager, the shrimp was discernibly stale, and the all-important supporting cast such as fried tofu and taro-root cubes withered on the platter. Fish ball and shrimp balls were also missing at times. To top it all off, the dessert was so half-hearted I could weep. The red-bean paste was "as bland as a water ogre's urine," in the vivid image of a Chinese saying. Ditto for the sugar syrup that is the soul of shaved ice.

    Coriya is a big chain in Taiwan, so they ought to know better. Don't bother until when and if they shape up again.

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      "Coriya Hot Pot City was at its peak perhaps four to six years ago."

      I agree.

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        Any other place you'd recommend for hot pot?

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          There is one in Berkeley on University (Near Shattuck) next to TAIWAN restaurant. This one is the favorite of many friends of mine. Good Kalbi and tasty broth. Fresh and large selections. The prawns are good size and fresh. The meats are not just fats but they care to select good meat. I went to some other hotpots where the meats had too much fat - looks like they were trying to save money. But this place has good meats.

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            Hey there, Han, haven't seen you around much lately. Baby time yet?

            Thanks for the recommendation.

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              Baby boy was born on Saturday, 20th of October at 4:36 am. His name is Santo Vincent Lukito -we called him SAN at home.

              6 lbs 3 oz, 20" long. He is lean which means he can eat a lot without getting fat - good chowpup in the future I think.

              I better start teaching him the art of chowhounding asap !! He already has lots of appetite for milk now. Good start.

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                Congratulations to all of you! It seems that babies always get born at some ungodly hour. I think it's meant to be training for being up at all hours. Enjoy! pat

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                  Han, that's wonderful news!

                  I've linked to the Not About Food board for those who would like to post their congratulations there. That keeps this board strictly chowcentric...even though your firstborn sounds like an awfully good eater!

                  Link: http://chowhound.com/boards/notfood/m...

        2. I was also surprised to see the Chronicle pick Coriya in their Bargain Bites. And some of these I wouldn't call a bargain -- Herbivore? why pay twice as much for a substandard falafel when you can get the real deal, cheap, at Truly Med a few blocks away. And Khan Toke? Don't they have a minimum price requirement per person?

          Looks like they finally discovered Naan and Curry too, probably via Chowhound.

          I did notice that Michael Bauer's name is not credited in the article, as he usually is.

          Bayinsider had some similar choices in their cheap eats article:

          Link: http://www.bayinsider.com/restaurants...

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            Hi Edward, I agree that Khan Toke is a big miss in both price and quality.

            What places should have made the list?