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Mar 30, 2006 11:49 AM

Dinner near Kennedy Center?

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I am watching a show at Kennedy Center next wk. Does anyone have suggestions on where to catch dinner nearby?

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  1. Notti Bianche is close and some of the food there is excellent. For a first-timer, I suggest under-ordering and sticking with pastas and main courses. Other small plates on the menu can drain your wallet very quickly to little effect.

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      Personally, I enjoyed the beef carpaccio (one of the smaller plates) whereas the pappardelle and bolognese was overportioned.

    2. Marcel's is nearby. They even a limo that'll take you to the Kennedy Center and back to Marcel's for dessert afterwards.

      1. Perhaps not the best but certainly the closest is "600" (600 New Hampshire Ave), right across the street, you could hop it. Actually, it may be the best, but I can't say because I haven't tried the others mentioned here. I had the onion soup and the Chilean sea bass, both skillfully done and well presented.

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          I wouldn't recommend 600. I strongly recmmend Notti Bianche and Marcel's. Marcel's is more upscale and has comparable prices. Another in the area is Circle Bistro but the other two are better.

        2. Kinkeads isn't that far and you can walk over to the Foggy Bottom Metro (2 blocks) and take the bus down the road to the Kennedy Center

          1. Just in case someone will find this post... The Dish is a short cab ride away, although beware - their website and state "steps away". It was a good 3 city blocks away from KC and not recommended to walk when it is cold out. the restaurant was average at best and very drafty (maybe this won't be minded when it's summer). it is linked to a hotel... do NOT use the hotel bathrooms (which is your only choice). they were DISGUSTING.

            924 25th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037

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              Marcel's provides free car service to and from the KC. Notte Bianche is not very good. Blue Duck Tavern is wonderful and is within walking distance.