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Oct 19, 2001 03:29 PM

New bakery at Cole & Parnassus, former Tassajara site

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At the site of the long-closed Tassajara a new bakery opened today- Boulange de Cole Valley. Yesterday afternoon was an opening party. A couple of slices of two different breads that were not identified were tasted. Very promising, especialy the darker one with a good crust. I stopped by this AM for the first day of regular business. Lots of customers. I bought a Walnut Levain round which I have yet to taste and a take-out croque Monsieur for lunch. Not very distinguished, but acceptable. The bread will be the real test. They do some fruit tartes as well, but bread seems the specialty for the moment.

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  1. Hey Phil, thanks for being the first to post on the new Boulange. Chowhounds have been awaiting the opening with much anticipation.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      randy salenfriend

      I just have one question. Does Rochelle know about this?

      1. re: randy salenfriend

        Do you mean Rochelle "I'm going to be so fat when Boulange de Cole opens"?

        1. re: Melanie Wong
          randy salenfriend

          Oh yes. That would be the one!!

          p.s. Where's that little (g) when you need it?

          1. re: randy salenfriend

            Those words came out of Rochelle's own mouth, not mine! (g)

            1. re: Melanie Wong
              randy salenfriend

              I can verify that, I saw the post!!

              1. re: randy salenfriend

                there, my friends. had i read on all i would've had to answer would've been, "you are both oh, so right!"

                1. re: Rochelle

                  To revive our discussion about the almond croissants produced by Bay Bread/Boulange, I had one on Wednesday to do a mental comparison with the one from La Madeleine in Dallas the previous morning. If Garçon is looking in, I have to say that Boulange does a better job. My post on the Texas board is linked below.


                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I caught this post thanks to Hotposts. It sounds like you had a nice trip in Dallas! I wish we had a decent Brazilian-style BBQ joint here.

                    I REALLY look forward to Bay Bread's almond croissants!

                    Thanks, once more, for your great input Melanie.

                    1. re: garçon

                      You haven't made the pilgrimage to Bay Breads yet?!? Be sure to let us know what you think.

                      The Brazilian restaurant in Dallas was so much fun. Good food too. From trying all those different cuts of meat, my plate had more meat left behind than I ate! I was sorry that I didn't ask our waiter to bag up those wonderful cheese rolls to carry home in my luggage. I do wish we had as good of a churrasceria out here.

        2. re: randy salenfriend

          just got back from 3 days in the napa valley and the first thing we did this afternoon was head off to the corner. by 2:30 pickings were very slim and many of the regular offerings from pine were no where to be found. i had especially been dreaming of canales and macaroons which were no where in sight. the tuna sandwich and croque m. were also nowhere to be found. it would seem our corner bakery is an instant hit. i'm thinking my daily a.m. trips will be more encouraging.

          we did manage to find a mini asiago baguette, a salmon quiche and a delicious hazelnut and raspberry cookie/bread, all of which are nearly gone already.

          i had heard from the polk street store on tues. that the opening of our bakery was to have been wed. so imagine my grave disappointment when we were leaving town and i knew that with it not actually open wed. that we'd miss the long awaited event.

          so, just to warn those of you who know me, i'm going to get fat--very, very fat. and along with the adapose will come jolly as well, for how could i be not with such delights in my daily routine!

          1. re: Rochelle

            Yesterday I picked up a ficelle at the Polk St. location early morning to take to a wine tasting. Boxes and boxes of goodies marked "Cole" were being carted out the door. Maybe the stock has to be supplemented from the other stores?

      2. r
        Rochelle "the other" McCune

        Yummmmm, I'm stopping off on my way home to get a walnut baguette for the last of my cheese from the picnic that I've been hoarding. And maybe I'll get a little something for dessert.

        It was bad enough that my neighborhood got its first cheese shop (Cooper's at Duboce Park) but now just one Muni stop away is Boulange de Cole.

        I'm in trouble.

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        1. re: Rochelle "the other" McCune

          More info on Cooper's, please! Address, phone, offerings? Thanks!

          1. re: dixieday
            Rochelle McCune

            Cooper's is on the corner of Duboce and Steiner. It was a store that had bars on the windows, dusty cans and alcohol. Several months ago it closed, the new owners took off the bars opening up the big plate glass windows. Anyway, now its an airy wine-cheese-coffee-fancy foods store. They have taken the time to find quality items - for example they carry Panorama bread. They have about 65 cheeses. A wall of wines at decent prices (I think). Its great to have neighborhood spot that I can pop down and pick up something special. Its a small store, so I doubt it will evolve into a destination spot but ya never know.

          2. re: Rochelle "the other" McCune

            Hey guys, I'm at Duboce between Noe and Walter. Are there many of us "Triangulars"? Maybe we could meet and share a meal!