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Mar 21, 2006 07:31 AM

Iggie's in Baltimore

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An personal experiences eating here? Good or bad?

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  1. Love it. I've been several times. The funghi pizza is my favorite.

    1. Fantastic. I've had almost every one of their pizzas. The duck confit and the roasted veggie are both great.

      1. First, let me say that I'm a pizza junkie, and I have little patience with mediocre pizza. Iggie's is very good. These folks are serious about pizza.

        The downside was that the first time I went, the staff assumed that I knew all the "rules" about how the place works - order at the counter, seat yourself, water pitchers and utensils are over there, bus the table yourself, share the big tables if there isn't a small one, we don't take tips (but encourage donations to our charity of the month), etc. Of the "rules", the only one that was clearly conveyed was the one about the charity donations in lieu of tipping, which was laid out in text on a table tent.

        If you walk in assuming (mistakenly) that you're going to have somebody seat you, you might stand there for quite a while. In my case, the young woman behind the counter stood there smiling at me for quite some time, not saying anything to clue me in on what I was expected to do, and being a patient soul, I didn't ask "Hey, when's somebody going to seat me?".

        Luckily, a somebody else who *did* know the drill came in, but it certainly appeared that the staff wasn't going to clue me in. I guess I was supposed to be clairvoyant and figure out their standard operating procedure with no hints. What came across (intended or not) was an attitude of "Yes, we do pretty much everything differently than what you're expecting, but you're supposed to know that without being told, and find it quirkily charming". I found it inefficient at best (if your procedures aren't intuitive, assume I don't know them unless I show evidence that I do), and rude at worst ("Gee, you look silly standing there waiting to be seated. I wonder how long you'll stand there before you either figure it out or do something?").

        I'll also put in a plug for Joe Squared at the SE corner of Howard and North as the other notable addition to the Baltimore pizza scene. J2 is very much their own style of pizza, but at the moment, I'd put them, Matthew's and Iggie's in the top tier of Baltimore pizza, (with Uno's added for transplanted Chicagoans who can make do with a pale imitation of the original Chicago deep dish). BTW, are any Al Pacino Cafe/Egyptian Pizza locations still around?

        Interestingly, I read an article in an "in flight magazine" recently that was written by the editor of some pizza-industry rag that listed BOP in Fells Point as one of the top ten pizza places in the nation! I may have to go back and try them again, but at the time I read the article, my reaction was "Top ten in the nation? They aren't even the best in BALTIMORE, and Baltimore isn't a pizza town!!!" The funny things was that other Baltimorons on the plane also noticed the same thing. Every few minutes, I'd hear somebody in the plane say "BOP?!?!" or "They're not even the best in Baltimore!", and I'd know exactly which article they were reading.

        If anybody has had recent experience with BOP, care to provide an update?

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          There is an Al Pacino's Cafe on Read St., just west of Charles. Still open,...

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            As far as I know there's an Egyptian Pizza in Belvedere Square, near the Senator. I've never had their pizza, but the middle eastern stuff was ok.

            1. re: Warthog

              I guess I better go back as well, because I found BOP to be way overhyped. Nice looking ingredients and it certainly is a brick oven but something was missing. My best guess is theres something wrong with the dough.

              1. re: Warthog

                Pizza is always cause for an argument. I happen to enjoy BOP. Is it the best pizza in the world? I don't know yet as I am still eating my way around the world of pizza.

                But for a big slice of plain, it is very good to me. When I walk down to my store on Thames after I leave my other job, I love to grab a slice.

                But it is just pizza and nothing more. Good enough for me and I prefer it to Matthew's.

                1. re: Tugboat

                  I haven't had a Mathew's pizza in fifteen years, but it was my favorite back in the day.

              2. When I first went to Iggie's, everything was explained. I've found the service very friendly. Love the duck confit and the funghi.

                1. The pizza at Iggie's is fantastic -- especially if you have it made with fresh mozzarella. The caesar salad is yummy and I really like the salad with, hm, let me remember, sunflower seeds and roasted veggies and green goddess dressing? Something like that. Under no circumstances, however, should you shell out $4 for their pathetic version of gelato.

                  I moved to Baltimore from DC and have been really pleased with the pizza: Iggie's, BOP and Thirsty Dog in Federal Hill, which has really interesting and delicious flavor combos, not to mention cheap beer.