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Oct 18, 2001 03:45 PM

Is Aqua still all it's cracked up to be?

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The last review I saw of Aqua is 3 years old. Has anyone been there recently? Thoughts? Is the food still 4 star caliber?

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  1. Hi, Eel!

    There was a discussion of Aqua here just last month -- I've linked it below.

    In addition, there's a search feature on the chowhound home page -- type in the term you're looking for (i.e., Aqua) and add "san francisco" to narrow it to this board.

    Love the handle!


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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      To add to the discussion, I dined at Aqua in July. I had the tasting menu which worked out to 14(!) courses. The first four courses were made with an American caviar that was tasty but not annoyingly salty (sorry, I usually don't like a mouthful of the briny deep). I don't have the menu with me a the moment, but in between the opening caviar and dessert were excellent fish course -- including a black mussel souffle and a tartare served with a quail egg. The last two courses (before dessert) were matched beef and tuna fillets, served with foie gras. Dessert included another (sweet this time) souffle.

      I seem to recall this coming to $120 before tax and tip. The food ranked up there with meals I've had at the French Laundry, so the similar price was quite acceptable in my book.

      I should mention that the service (which I've seen dinged on Zagat's) was perfect. Not once did a server reach across the table to place silverware, nor did I have to ask for more water (that's one of things I find aggravating), and every item served was well-described when it arrived at the table.