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Mar 16, 2006 08:34 AM

Puerto Rican in Nova

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A coworker of my SO was wondering if there was any Peurto Rican food in the area (she is a Peurto Rican transplant from Jersey, where, apparently Peurto Rican food is bountiful). I have no idea what PR food even is, but I figured if there was a place to ask, it would be here.


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    This is all Tyler Cowen has listed for PR and it isn;t in NOVA:

    Puerto Rican
    Cancun, 11260 Georgia Ave., Wheaton, 301-949-9838.

    Mostly a Mexican and El Salvadorean restaurant, but they serve some Puerto Rican specialties on weekends. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed, that kind of place. Alas, no mofongos, however, which means not enough garlic for my taste.

    See also Banana Café, under Cuban, they have some Puerto Rican dishes.

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      "Mexican and El Salvadorean restaurant" that SCREAMS don't waste your time...and no mofonfo?

    2. I'd try Caribbean Grill in N. Arlington. I've only recently been introduced to it, but I think it'll at least come close. It's more Cuban with a few Jamaican items, but I would think your coworker would still be pleased.

      The food is great. It's a hole in the wall.

        1. See . Puerto Rican/Salvadorean; my review is at the end.