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Mar 1, 2006 01:54 PM

Vocelli pizza

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Vocelli pizza is a new delivery/carryout pizza place on Pershing Dr. in Arlington around the corner from Tallula. You can order traditional, thin, or pan pizza. They also have subs and some other items on the menu. We ordered a carryout pizza (traditional crust with vegetable toppings) last week, and it was fine but nothing special. The crust reminded me of Papa John's pizza. They do have specialty "gourmet" pizzas with toppings like garlic spinach or chicken pesto which could be interesting to try.

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  1. They're a chain that's been really prevalent in the burbs for some time. My take is about "eh".

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Yep, they're fine in the Domino's Papa Johns sort of way. I quit them when I discovered Valentino's off Little River Pkwy, except they don't deliver as far as me. Now, we have ZPizza and I haven't had another pizza since!

      1. re: GuinnessDrinker

        We used to live near the Vocelli's in Falls Church. The quality of the pizza varied wildly. One time you'd get a really nice pizza, the next it would be lousy as could be. With Z Pizza a mile or so from there I'd never recommend that place.

    2. When I lived in Arlington and wanted pizza I drove out to Fair Lakes to get Tony's. None better in this area IMHO, unless you're into that fru fru stuff. Probably my second favorite pizza place outside of NYC or CT after Bronx Pizza in San Diego. Obviously, "good" pizza is largely a matter of taste...lots of people here like Z pizza for example, and I really don't. But my favorite in this area, by a wide margin, is Tony's. The tomato/basil pizza is out of this world.

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      1. re: Lowbar

        I gotta say, of all the delivery pizza chains (Domino's, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Pizza Boli, etc,) Vocelli's is the best hands down.

        If we want real NY pizza we go to Tony's in Fair Lakes but it's eat-in and carry-out only.

        I work downtown in Dupont Circle and we frequent either Pizza Paradiso or Siete up Conneticut. If we just want a quick slice we go to Goody's on P St. They recently opened right next door to that crap-fest Alberto's, where the DC Hot sandwich shop used to be. Goody's has really great pizza. Their crust is amazing.

        1. re: idburns

          The Cafe Cozii in Clarendon across from the metro just recently turned into a Goody's also, but I haven't tried it yet.

          1. re: idburns

            It's been a while but they used to carry a (medium) spicy italian sausage as a topping. Had ordered that along w/ a "philly" pizza. But since switching to a mild sausage it's just not as good and haven't felt compelled to order from them.

            1. re: hungryT

              "I gotta say, of all the delivery pizza chains (Domino's, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Pizza Boli, etc,) Vocelli's is the best hands down."

              agreed, just stay away from the cannollis- they're a soggy, tasteless, mess.

        2. I rarely order delivery pizza, but when I do, it's Vocelli. Their meats aren't nearly as salty as the other majors, so I can have pizza for dinner without waking up two sizes bigger from water retention. And with less salt, you can actually taste the flavors.

          1. The menu is at least attempting to be a "wee bit upscale" without going all "California" on us.