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Feb 27, 2006 07:32 PM

South Indian food in Baltimore?

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I'm craving a masala dosa with sambar and some coconut chutney. To satisfy my craving on the weekend I drive to Langley Park or maybe to Columbia (Mango Grove). But that's too far to go for lunch, since I work in Baltimore. Are there any restaurants in Baltimore that have South Indian items on their menu?

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  1. Does Bombay Grill still have an outpost on Lombard Street downtown? They used to have a few South Indian dishes on the menu. That being said, they always acted like preparing the South Indian was a big pain in the rear - it would take forever to get your food and there would be at least one thing about it that wasn't right. If you come up with any other places in Baltimore, please do let me know because I hate driving to Columbia. I've long maintained that someone really needs to to open a Dosas-R-Us in Baltimore. Preferably in Hampden, please.

    1. There is a small Inian/Pakistani store with a food counter on Harford Road just inside the beltway. There are a few small tables but mostly carryout.I forget the name. Very nice people with homemade inexpensive Indian food. The Dosas are pretty good although I admit I'm no expert.

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        It's called Pavan Foods -- 8904 Harford Rd near Putty Hill. It's a grocery store with a sit-down area in the back, where they serve great cheap vegetarian dishes, including Dosa Masala.

      2. A former co-worker whose family hails from Chennai basically said "Go to Montgomery County" when I asked him about good South Indian food...he was pretty disdainful of the Lombard Street Bombay Grill outpost...

        1. The Carlyle Club near Hopkins (on west univ parkway) is now serving South Indian food (dosas, uttapam etc.)

          Take a look at their new menu:

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            Have they re-opened then? It's been closed for a number of months.

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              The Carlyle Club has been reopened (but as "coastal Indian" instead of Lebanese food) for a number of weeks now.

          2. Not Baltimore but Catonsville: The Spicy Garden on Route 40 a little over a mile outside the beltway
            I can't speak to their authenticity, but can tell you that I have been twice and really enjoyed the food, including the Spicy Garden Special Dosa. It is a very casual place, almost like take out with tables. The lunch buffet provides paper plates and plasticware for dining.