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Oct 14, 2001 09:28 PM

Dinucci's / Valley Ford

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Janice and I were out at Dillon Beach today and stopped at Dinucci's in Valley Ford for a late lunch.
It's an old school Italian family style restaurant...(checkered tablecloths) some interesting old photos adorned the walls. We sat under the gaze of John Wayne - oddly comforting in these uncertain times. On to the food....all the meals start with a large bowl of minestrone(sp?) and some warm bread. The soup is thick &hearty and you can have several bowls. Salad is a crisp iceberg with canned beets, onions & croutons....lots of dressing - maybe advisable to ask for the dressing on the side. A small antipasti platter has salami, pickled vegetables and some crudite, plus a three bean salad. We had a half/half order of lasagne /ravioli. The ravioli came with a tomato/meat sauce. The food is OK and reminds me of the Italian restaurants that used to abound. It's a good value and you won't go away hungry but it's not memorable food. I haven't been to the Italian restaurants in Occidental (Union Hotel, Negri's) in a few years but I remember them as being somewhat better.

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