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Mari Luna

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Drive past Mari Luna on Riesterstown a lto and it is always crowded. Is it any good?

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  1. i went the other day and enjoyed my meal. i think the hanger/skirt steak dishes are wonderful-- for $12 you can get a generous portion of steak and grilled vegetables over rice and beans. The fried plantains are excellent and the soft shell tacos also tasty, filled with lean grilled meat. It's a BYOB, which is fun. The apps were good we had the sample platter. The chile relleno and tamales were fabulous and the roasted pepper salsa delicious.

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      Mari Luna is indeed great. Nice Peruvian chicken and Chicken with Mole as well. Try it!

    2. Agree that ths place is woth a stop or even a trip. Try the lamb shank.

      1. I live in Federal Hill and my girlfriend lives in Ellicott City, yet we regularly make the trip there. The chiles rellenos are the best I've ever had (and I come from Oklahoma and New Mexico). It's very good and reasonably priced.

        1. We went to Mari Luna about five to six months ago on a friend's recommendation. We've never been back. Our chorizo appetizer had a very black thick hair in it and our entrees were less than good. We did not finish our meal. I hope it has improved since that time.

          1. This is probably the best Mexican restaurant in Baltimore,,,,,very authentic !
            I've never been disappointed...been there at least 12 times. The owner/ chef is Mexican but is a French trained chef. The specials ...especially the fish are outstanding ! I highly reccomend this place!!

            1. After reading the reviews on the site, checked out Mari Luna last night. I had a cup of the Sopa de Camaron, which was great, and a combination platter consisting of a shrimp enchilada, beef chalupa and chile relleno. The chile relleno was the best I've ever had. The chalupa was good, but the beef left something to be desired. The shrimp enchilada was just ok, I wouldn't order it again though. Also, there was a sign posted on the door... As of 11/23/07, Mari Luna will no longer be BYOB.
              Overall, I thought the wait was worth it, and I look forward to going back and further exploring the menu.

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                Thanks for the update and the heads up on the BYOB policy. I still haven't made it out there.

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                  I totally agree about the chile relleno. It's superb. The other food was good, but nothing matched that.

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                    After hearing many good things, we finally tried Mari Luna at the beginning of the summer. Meh. I had the lamb shank, which had no depth of flavor, no seasoning. I was bored after a few bites. I wasn't excited about anything on the table--except for an outstanding flan. My tres leches cake had some kind of fakey white whipped product and chocolate syrup on it. Blech.

                    I really need to try something authentic in Fells Point.

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                      Mari Luna seemed to be hit and miss around the table when I went...I plan on going back though.

                      Give El Trovador in Fells a try for authentic mexican/salvadorian in a nice atmosphere.

                  2. They are opening up another branch further north on Reisterstown Road. Supposed to open in April I believe.

                    1. Mari Luna is moving closer in towards Pikesville where the old Mr. Chan was originally located, opposite Suburban House. I wouldn't call this authentic Mexican per se. Perhaps designer Mexican is a better description. The food is good but a tad overpriced. I believe that in this part of town where dining is boring and archaic, Mari Luna offers something different to the local gentry. I'm not so sure it would be as successful in more trendy areas, like Canton, Fells Point or the Inner Harbor.

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                        They aren't moving, they are keeping the other location as well.

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                          The "New: Mari Luna ( Probably openning sometime in the Spring or early Summer) is going to have a larger menu that the current locations. I've spoken to the owner.......the new menu sounds very interesting with different cuisines from South America, Carribean and also different regions of Mexico. Their plan is to move their new liquor liscense to the new location....with the original location going BACK to BYOB ( for all you BYOB fans out there!) One of my favorite places....can't wait for the new one!

                      2. Just ate there tonight and it was to die for! Everything we had was the best I have EVER had!