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Oct 14, 2001 11:22 AM

dim sum

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hello, i'm looking for the best dim sum in chinatown, san francisco. i want to treat my visiting mendocino friends before the meistersinger on monday, oct. 22. thanks for pointing us the right way. please respond to violafire@angelfire.com. ted

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  1. Use the search feature on C'hound home page. You will receive dozens and dozens of comments, if not hundreds-it really works!

    1. Excuse my imprecision.
      Specify san francisco dim sum, NOT dim sum.

      1. Does it have to necessarily be in Chinatown? I beleive that some of the very best dim sum is not in Chinatown. But there is a good place on Commercial street between Kearny and Montgomerey, i can't rembmer the name, but they are only open monday through friday till 11am to 5 pm. You can't miss it, since they are the only Dim Sum house on the block. across from an italian resteraunt.

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          I believe the name of that restaurant is City View.

        2. City View, yes, is a fine choice, I also like Oriental Pearl. Went to Golden Mountain the other weekend and was very disappointed. Has anyone been to Lichee Garden recently?

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            Thanks for reminding me of Lichee Garden. Used to be one of my parent's favorite places when they came to the City, but I'd not tried it for many years. They liked it because of the early opening (7am) and low prices. Both are still true.

            I tried it yesterday for lunch; it was packed at 12:15p. Since I was by myself, I didn't try that much variety. Also, the food wasn't coming around that fast and I couldn't wait anymore for new things to come out of the kitchen.

            I'd say it's good, not great, but a huge bargain if you choose carefully when you look at the price/quality for sit-down service. I had more than enough to eat for only $10 with left-over food to take home. Glancing at the lunch menu, they also offer a wide selection of rice and noodle dishes for $5 to $6. The ones that passed by looked great, especially the heaping plates of chow fun. Also worth mentioning are the number of noodle offerings that specify "no meat" for vegetarians.

            Best item was the shrimp har gow. Not the most gossamer of wrappers, yet thin enough to see through with an elastic chewy texture. The filling is a whole plump prawn deliciously seasoned so that no other sauce is needed. The siu mai were decent, the old-fashioned kind with a couple chunks of pork fat mixed in with the coarsely diced pork, shrimp and dried mushroom, seasoned with lots of white pepper. The fung jau talons of the phoenix (braised chicken feet) were excellent with a touch of sweetness, sufficiently tender, lots of garlic and some chili heat. The steamed pork riblets with black bean sauce had good flavor but were not the tip meat that I prefer. Oil-logged taro dumplings had a deliciously complex filling with preserved vegetables and pork, but too much grease for me. I was already full when the various kinds of rolled dim sum came out and they looked particularly good. The malay go (steamed sponge cake) looked fantastic but none were to be found when I wanted it. Something to try next time.

            Lichee Garden
            1416 Powell St.
            San Francisco
            7:00am to 9:30pm

          2. Gold Mountain on Broadway or Pearl City on Jackson. both are excellent.

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              Gold Mountain rules - and I have had lots of SF dim sum.