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Oct 13, 2001 12:27 PM

Join us at Pakwan tonite

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A few of us are meeting at Pakwan (16th Street in the Mission - between Valencia and Guerrero) tonite (Saturday 10/13) at 7 p.m. If you're in the neighborhood stop on by. If you are coming or think you might come, drop me an email so we can pull together enough tables/chairs.

Any suggestions on items we should be sure to order?

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    Stephanie Tate

    I would love to join you. I have only been to Pakwan on O'Farrell, but I always get the roasted goat shanks when they have them. Their naan is outstanding; their chai and mango lassis sublime. They usually do not have Equal, so if anyone prefers Equal in their chai, rather than honey or sugar, be sure to put some in your pocket or purse. The Pakwan on O'Farrell lets you bring your own beer and wine; I wonder if this one does?
    Looking forward to meeting my fellow chowhounds and to a Pakistani experience in deliciousness!

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      Stephanie Tate

      Just realized I cannot join you tonight at Pakwan after all. Please post as to how you found the experience. Do look foreward to joining in at another time.

      1. Hey there, how was it?

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          It was good and spicy. We ordered 7 or 8 dishes - came to about $34 and all but one or two were good. The two that weren't were a chana masala that tasted like canned chickpeas and not much other flavor and a dahi baray - lentil patties in yogurt sauce - the patties were a little too chewy (but maybe they are supposed to be?) but the yogurt sauce was good (kind of like raita) and helped put out the heat of the other dishes.

          We also had saag daal which I really liked and Bengan Bhartha a pakwan style eggplant dish that was the table favorite - we practically liked that plate clean.

          Also tandoori fish which was nice - not too dry and definately a little spicy ness to it.

          The food all had a good spiciness to it - which so many Indian restaurants I've tried these days don't have - even if you order spicy.

          We had garlic and regular naan which was great - thin and crispy and just the right amount of garlic. Rochelle M commented that it was much cheaper than the places in the Haight and would be worth the walk down to the Mission for their food.

          On another note, I tried Punjab Kebab House for lunch today (down near the Powell BART station) and found it pretty good. Had a garbanzo bean dish (chana masala like) and the spinach puree with potatoes and rice and naan all for $5.50. I loved the beans and the rice, the bread tasted as it was frozen and reheated and the spinach didn't have much flavor.

          But I'm definately getting my fill of Indian/ Pakistani food lately. MMMM!

          1. re: Celery

            I second your Punjab House endorsement!

            1. re: Celery

              Thanks for the details on Chowhound meet #18, Celery. Did others offer opinions on which of the Tenderloin curry houses they prefer? I know that EliseH favors N'n'C but another friend of mine swears by Pakwan.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I haven't tried any of the tenderloin spots (one of these days I have to get off the 38 Geary on my way by) - and I don't know that the others (all 3 of us!) had either. Talk was mainly of the spots in the Mission and the Haight (and whether we had room for the Indian ice cream or not!)

                1. re: Celery

                  Do I feel a curry-diving spree coming on? (g)