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Oct 12, 2001 08:37 PM

Park Chow- Windows of Hope-longish

  • k

Park Chow was jammed last night for the benefit. Karen and I arrived early enough to get a table before the massive rush. It certainly was heartening to see so many people out for the fundraiser and the crowd only minorly impacted the service.

The food hit the mark as usual. A new dish has replaced the old standby of marinated roma tomatoes over grilled garlic toast. They're serving lightly sauteed fall mushrooms and goat cheese over the garlic toast. We thought it was very tasty and it immediately made me forget my sadness at the disappearance of the tomatoes. Karen had the oven roasted duck leg with pomegranate seeds and pears and I had the braised short ribs. The short ribs were quite good, a nice hearty dish that always leaves me happy. The duck was also a winner. The pan-sauce made with the pomegranate seeds and pears had a nice zip to it (maybe a little chili oil) and the duck was cooked perfectly. We skipped dessert.

P.S. It was wonderful to meet everyone at the picnic and we can't wait for the next chowhound outing.

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