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Oct 12, 2001 01:51 PM

Delfina - 10/11 dinner

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My husband and I had been wanting to return to Delfina and decided to go on 10/11 for the Windows of Hope benefit as soon as we saw Delfina was on the list.

It was a great meal and a great excuse to order more and more food (it's for a good cause, honey!) and wine.

Despite the dining room being very crowded (ie the waitresses couldn't get next to many of the tables but have to lean over - makes for a very cozy atmosphere - my husband commented that if he's that close to a woman, he usually at least knows her name!) The noise level isn't that bad either, definatly loud but not ear-ringing loud as they have some padding on the ceilings and the bar.

We started with a bottle of Bele Casel Prosecco which was just lovely. Appetizers: we split the frito misto of green tomatoes and okra - very crispy, nice batter, a wonderful way to eat okra and the lamb sausage with sauerkraut. I thought the sausage was way too salty but my husband loved it and the sauerkraut was very fresh textured - more like coleslaw but with that sauerkraut flavor.

I also had a bitter greens salad with pancetta and parmesean - everything goes better with bacon!

Then our dinners were pappardelle and pork sugo (a pork shoulder braised in wine and herbstill it falls apart with a bit of tomato) and semolina gnocchi with treviso, crescenza cheese and white truffle oil. Both were just delicious.

We still had room for dessert so hubby had the profiteroles (kind of like cream puffs) with espresso ice cream and hot chocolate sauce and I had vermont shepherd's cheese with apples - which was just ok (I kept thinking back to the cheese tasting at the picnic!) and a nice dessert wine which I can't remember the name of.

Definately a lovely evening, great food, good service (all the servers pitch in) and we can't wait to go back.

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  1. I went two weeks ago, but it was not near as good as the first time. The menu that day was not too appealing for some reason. We split several things, after begining with a couple nice glasses of prosecco. I had never tried baccala but heard theirs was supposed to be tops. I did not really care for it particularly. Perhaps it has to be one of those dishes that remind you of grandma or something. My sister said it was growing on her. Not bad or anything, I'll just know not to wonder about this dish in future.

    We also had grilled squid which was nice. I liked the bitter greens and pancetta. We split the spaghetti which my sister really liked (very, very simple). One main dish choice was 86'd and we could not agree on anything else so we had the chicken and mashed potatoes. Very delicious and the chiken was conveniently partly deboned, but I really don't like to order this sort of thing at a restuarant. Ended with okay panna cotta for dessert.

    All in all, nothing really excited me this time, in big contrast to last time.