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Feb 3, 2006 08:23 AM

What's a good place for steak in VA?

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Aside from Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Capital Grille, Ray's the Steaks, and Outback, are there any good restaurants in VA to order a fantastic steak? I'm not so much concerned about the number of cuts available on the menu as the quality of the meat and how well the place serves them. Suggestions?

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  1. Well, since you were on a roll there and didn't stop before you got to Outback, I'll add J. Gilbert's in McLean. Good atmosphere and all the steaks I've had there have been better than Outback's quality. I have had an occasional dud there (usually overcooked rather than not flavorful), sent it back, and the replacement was always fine.

    I've always found Outback's steaks to be overly seasoned and about grocery store quality meat, kind of like what I'd have at home (except that I don't over-season). Gilbert's seems to use slightly better quality meat. The "heavy" steak houses use meat that we mortals can't buy very easily, and when they cook it with care (as those places tend to do) there's a difference.

    1. A few suggestions:

      Mike's in Springfield, part of the Great American Restaurant chain, is pretty good. They have a marinated steak I really like. COmes with salad and a loaded potato for a reasonable price. They also have great breads from the Best BUns Bread Co., also part of their chain.

      The Lonestar on Duke St. in Alexandria, by the Giant, is actually pretty good. They have a very good prime rib there with a good rub on it and nice mesquite flavor. All of their steaks come with salad or soup and a side of your choice. They also have a good lunch menu (available on weekends as well), but you have to ask for it. The lunch menu includes one or two steak choices for less than $10 each. And, they frequently have coupons in the paper for two lunches for $11 and I also get them in the mail.

      Hope these suggestions are helpful. If I think of others, I will post them later.

      1. Last Sunday night we took my mother-in-law to dinner at Carlyle Grand and she had an amazing filet - great flavor and it just melted in your mouth (I snuck a bite). We agreed that it was better than the filet she had last year at the Capital Grille.

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          Carlyle Grande is also part of the Great American Restaurant Chain, so this would make sense. I would say is steak is what you are specifically looking for, I'd still suggest Mike's over Caryle. Where Caryle would have one or two steaks on the menu, Mike's entire menu is focused on steaks. Either way you can't go wrong, you'll just have more cuts to choose from at Mike's.

        2. Similar to vahound and DC Gal, Sweetwater does a good Prime Rib (part of the Am Resto chain).

          Victor's II in Falls Church will smother you with some great food, a steak being the center of that goodness.

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            The little place near the intersection of Lee Highway and Hillwood Avenue? (near Elevation Burger) I've always wondered about them. There's a Victor's Curascarria (never been there either) which suggests steak in a strip along Lee Highway between Falls Church and Merrifield and I wondered if the two Victors were related.

            Anyone been to Victor's? Or, for that matter, in the same strip, I think, Aldo's Italian Steak House?

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              From other mentions on the board they are related but have slightly varying menus. But yes, that's the one in FC that I was referring to.

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                Aldo's is a solid place - I had a delivious veal chop there a while back.

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                  From another thread on CHowhound, plus my own experiance, I can't recommend Victor's Two, which is the new spiffy churrascaria on Lee Hwy in Merrifield. The first Victor's, Victor's Grille in Falls Church, is a dive that has some really good meats as well as a very good chicken fricasse, tongue, and a few other good items on the menu. Steaks are chewy but tasty.

                  I also can't recommend J. Gilbert's in Fairfax, which serves their steaks too charred for my taste. but I have not been there for years, so not a recent comment.

              2. I'll tell you where NOT to go...Sam & Harry's in Tysons. Blech!

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                  Sam & Harry's no longer has restaurant in Tysons. Hasn't had one for years.