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Oct 11, 2001 08:39 PM

Thai Delight in Sunnyvale (long)

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i tried this place last night with a couple of friend and will definitely be coming back again. we got to the restaurant at 9pm and they were still open! all three of us were starving but we controlled ourselves and ordered four dishes: papaya salad, yellow curry with chicken, prawns sauteed with garlic, and wide flat rice noodle stir fried with shrimps and brocoli(pad see haw).

papaya salad - i thought the papaya needed to be more finely grated but my two companions did not have a problem with this. one did mention that more chopped peanuts would make the dish better and i agreed. we all agree that the lime dressing was just right.

yellow curry w/ chicken - my favorite dish of the night. the chicken was fork tender and the curry had a nice depth and a rich, creamy texture.

prawn sauteed w/ garlic - huge prawns cooked perfectly. the sauce was thick, garlicky and sweet but not coyly so.

pad see haw - i thought the dish needed a little more salt or fish sauce but once again, my dining companions disagree. the noodles had the smoky flavor of a good stir fry, was not overly oily, and the ingredients were fresh.

the service was very friendly and even though we were the last one in and last one out, we never felt rushed. the tab came out to be $16/person, after tax and tips.

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  1. Hao,

    Where are they located in Sunnyvale? How would you compare them to Thai Basil near the Sunnyvale Town Center?


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    1. re: Nancy Acton

      i forgot to grab their business card and i couldn't find them on the web. they on the corner of homestead and hollenbeck, where the mcdonnalds and basket robins are located.

      this place is better then the thai basil on the corner of murphy and evelyn. i had lunch at thai basil yesterday and the chicken in the curry was chewy and the fried noodle dishes were too sweet.

      compared to the thai basil in town and country, i would give thai delight the edge but i've only eaten at thai delight once so this may change after more visit. so far, i like the yellow curry at thai delight more but the pad see haw at thai basil was better.

      please let me know what you think when you've had a chance try thai delight.

      1. re: hao

        I wish I had seen your post tonight before we left for dinner as we were heading out for Thai food!

        We tried to go to Siam Thai on De Anza but they were too crowded, so we decided to try the new Thai Pepper at the corner of Saratoga-Sunnyvale and Fremont (it used to be the Peter Pan Restaurant). The place was very spacious, and the service was good with nice pacing of courses and prompt water glass refills.

        They have some dishes (notably seafood) that are not as common as your generic Thai place, and I tried a roast duck and bell pepper in basil chili sauce that was quite good. Most other places only have duck red curry with pineapple (which they also had). I'm a sucker for duck but don't like pineapples. :)

        I'll post when I have a chance to try Thai Delight, and please also let me know what you think if you decide to give Thai Pepper a shot.