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Jan 31, 2006 04:39 PM

early-morning Mexican breakfast

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I'm trying to find a good Mexican/Central American place, preferably in DC or not too far from it, that is open for breakfast (and this is crucial) before 11 am on weekends. Thanks.

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  1. Moses' Pupuseria on 14th Street (at N, I think), NW serves up a yummy breakfast burrito (and some other breakfast-y type things, too). Haven't been on a weekend, but know that it's open early during the week.

    1. I am also in search of early morning Mexican breakfast -- preferably 7 am or earlier on weekends. Moses has closed. I love Steak & Egg (which has Mexican and is open 24 hours) but it is not kid friendly (counter). I see Taqueria National is opening for breakfast at 7 am soon, but I don't know the full details and have never been there (but heard good things). Anyone else have any other ideas?

      1. Not in DC but not far - Abi's in Arlington on Columbia Pike near Walter Reed.

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          Though I never had breakfast here, I've had other things and really enjoyed them. I've been to about 15 pupuserias in the MD/VA/DC area, and this is my favorite. The oxtail soup is great. I used to walk to it, but now I make the 45 drive just for their pupusas. Once I was their, and a mariachi band was playing.

        2. Moroni & Brothers at 4811 Georgia Ave. NW is open at 0700 on Saturday, but not until 1100 on Sunday.

          They have an excellent Sal-Mex breakfast menu. This place is worth noting also because it's owned by two Pizzeria Paradiso alumni. The pizza from their woodburning oven shows their knowlege/expertise.