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Oct 11, 2001 01:03 PM

Tacos Chavez truck in Emeryville

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Hi everyone,

We were in E-ville, down at the home depot/officemax/bigbox lot yesterday seeing how much hardware and office supplies we could cram into my bike bags (a lot!) when we suddenly found ourselves in need of...lunch! I remembered a taco truck I had visited long ago, parked on the street in between the PakNSave and the CompUSA. It was indeed there, and it even had hours posted - 11 to 7, every day but sunday. It's called Tacos Chavez.

I got two tacos, one carne asada and one pollo. Holly got a torta al pastor. Everything was good, fresh, pretty cheap - $1.25 tacos and a $3.50 torta. The al pastor was spicy and well rounded. The chicken was classic "pollo deshebrada para tacos," with a clean chewy taste. The carne asada was also freshly made and tasty. I liked the al pastor the best, as usual, but they do a fine job with most things, it seems. They also serve hamburgers and hot dogs, owing one supposes to the mostly gringo crowd, though the several other non-Latinos there -- a white businessman and a young black man on lunch break from Home Depot -- were eating tortas and discussing various food experiences with one another. An interesting, if suburban, little cultural crossroads.

The truck is located just south of 40th on Emery St, in Emeryville. Go to 40th and San Pablo, then pretend you're heading to CompUSA, you can't miss it.


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    Thx for the recommendation, Patrick. Finally made it to Tacos Chavez today. My al pastor and carnitas tacos were very tasty. My brother enjoyed his chicken tacos and our friend liked his chicken burrito. Told the woman we were there because of Chowhound but, although I gave her my copy of Patrick's post, I think it lost something in the translation.