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Jan 30, 2006 11:16 AM

Favorite Peruvian Chicken in MD/DC/VA?

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Hey guys... recently I have been trying a couple of Peruvian chicken spots. So far I have only tried two. Chicken on the Run in Bethesda and El Pollo Primo in Rockville.

Of the two, Chicken on the Run has the better chicken but El Pollo Primo has the better sides and hot salsa

Which Peruvian chicken place do you guys like the best? Again, anywhere in DC/MD/NoVa works for me. Thanks!

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  1. Without question (at least for me and just about everyone I know who has been there), the best chicken is at El Pollo Rico, Arlington location. The sides there leave a little bit to be desired for most people...just potato fries and slaw (both quite good), included in the price of your 1/4, 1/2, or whole chicken.

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    1. re: Lowbar

      Can someone give me an address for El Pollo Rico in Arlington? Thanks much

      1. re: Pat

        932 n kenmore st, between fairfax dr and wilson.

    2. El Pollo Rico is a notch above any other place I've tried. I go to the one in Wheaton. The sides aren't anything special, but the green chili sauce is great.

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        El Pollo Rico in Arlington is better. Also, fantastic rum cake compensates for the mediocre sides. Only Crisp and Juicy at their original location on Lee Highway in Cherrydale compares. The Wheaton EPR is a notch below. I am not a fan of any of the ones at Bailey's.

      2. I think that El Pollo Rico is OK, but not great. Part of the problem is their lackluster choice of sides, plus I don't find the chicken to be any better than a few other places. Edy's on Rt. 7 (near Skyline Drive) is my favorite. And Pollo Loco by Ballston Mall is really good too (with a nice selection of sides).

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        1. re: Paul

          Pollo Loco near Ballston mall? Do you mean Pollo Super? If so, they have good sides, but EPR has better chicken.

          1. re: foodgeek

            Yeah, you're right, it is Pollo Super. I'd still take them over EPR simply because of the sides. And their steak/chicken sub is top notch.

            1. re: Paul

              Avoid the Chick Peas.....I don't know what I was thinking when I orders those from Super Pollo.

              The Chicken at EPR is usually more consistent than Super Pollo, but If you get to Super Pollo when the chicken is right out of the oven (between 5:30 and 6:30 PM), it is miles ahead of EPR in terms of taste and texture.

              1. re: microwave15

                tried teh chicken at super pollo many times and I never found it to be anywhere as good at EPR. The sides are good, but that isn't enough to get me there.

                Pio Pio is kind of a compromise, with good chicken and ok sides. Havent had much luck with their yuca, but at least i can get rice and beans w/my chicken.

        2. Love El Pollo Rico in Wheaton's chicken and their green sauce and also Crisp and Juicy -- sides are better here and their sauces are delicious, too.

          1. In Herndon, El Pollo Inka on Elden Street is really good, though I haven't tried any of the other recommendations listed here for comparison sake. It's in the same shopping center as Tortilla Factory.

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              El Pollo Real is also good - many sides from which to choose. Behind the now gone KFC on Elden near the Giant.