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Oct 11, 2001 07:06 AM

Dindin in Monterey

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Hey! What's the best seafoodie place in Monterey?

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  1. Ok Monterey has a lot of seafood restaurants. DO NOT get see food on cannery row, or the wharf, it is over prices and most is shipped in from the eats coast. But if you were a Bubba Gumps type of chump you wouldn't be on chow hound now would you? So in Monterey there is a great place called the fish house, its on Delmonte (2114 Del Monte Ave Monterey, CA 93940 831 373-4647) The service is touch and go, but the food is great! Really fresh seafood with perfect sauces, not to over powering, just lovely. If you have a group forget it though, it is an old house that was converted to a restaurant, 6 would be maxing it, 2-4 is best.
    This is a great place in Monterey, but I am a local and my absolute favorite place is Phil's Fish Market. It is an active fish market that started with a small restaurant and the restaurant has taken over the place. It is the best, FRESHEST fish around, Phil is Sicilian so a lot of the menu has a Mediterranean theme, but it is possible to get just plane good fish too. I love this place! They even have cioppion for one; it is what they serve you once you get to heaven! It is a little hard to find. Check out their website at

    Have a good visit!

    1. Monterey Fish House. Just south of town. (I'm talking inexpensive/moderate). A little more expensive and quite fine is Passionfish on Lighthouse in Pac. Grove - which is really right there since the 2 towns overlap.

      1. Hard to ignore the seafood at Bouchee or Luca.
        Stokes does a mean seared ahi with lentil salad. Oooh and sardines when they can get them.

        You have to be careful on the wharves as mentioned above, but the fish at Pisto's restaurants can be really good. Simple fish and chips at Lou Lou's in the Middle on Wharf#2 was very good.

        Phil's is like Pisto's...both of them know how to cook very well. Unfortunately they ain't cooking anymore and I have had both ends of the quality spectrum at their restaurants.