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Oct 11, 2001 12:15 AM

Need Rec Thai/Chinese Restaurant - South Bay

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Looking for a recommendation for good Thai/Chinese restaurants for a large group of 30-35.

Banquet menu and private area/room desired.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Fung Lum on Camden(?) (Hamilton exit off 17 go to the south side of highway (opposite side from Fryes and Home Depot), turn right at first major light) It's a huge and very ornate Chinese Place that can certainly accomodate a large party. I've eaten there on two occasions and found it to be good enough though nothing to break into song about. Many wax fondly of it, so perhaps I didn't order the right things. None the less, it's almost worth it for the unreal decor alone.

    1. ABC Seafood Restaurant in Milpitas - not on the same scale as seafood harbor or koit palace but one of the best in the south bay. however, i don't think they have a private room.

      Joy Luck in Cupertino - the food is not as good as ABC but they do have a private room.

      Mayflower Restaurant in Milpitas - about same as joy luck in term of food so you may let the location and/or price decide for you. they also have a private room.