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Jan 27, 2006 02:41 PM

Looking for some Must-Eats in Alexandria, VA

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Going to be in Alexandria with my wife in April for a long weekend. Looking for some good places to eat in the South DC/Alexandria area, Nothing too pricy please. Also looking for some good nightclubs & bars.
Would appreciate any info.


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  1. The only place in Alexandria that I would call a must eat is Restaurant Eve. The bistro menu is about $30 per plate...and you will definitely need reservations. (the also have a $90+ tasting menu) Majestic Cafe is also good, but about $20/plate. The rest of old town is pretty blah.

    There is a good dive karaoke bar with great mozzarella sticks, The Rockit Grille.

    In North Alexandria on Mount Vernon Avenue, there is a fantastic Thai place, Po Siam, and the Birchmere Theatre, which has different live music each night is next door.

    1. Try Bombay Curry Company, 3110 Mount Vernon Avenue (Calvert Building), Alexandria, VA, 703-836-6363

      If you like subs, try Al's Steak House, 1504 Mt. Vernon Ave.

      Good Middle Eastern at Kabob Palace in Crystal City, 2315 S. Eads St., 703-486-3535


      1. Eve as mentioned below is the best. Book the bistro for a superb dinner if the tasting room is over budget.

        Bars - Murphys is an enjoyable bar in Old Town on King St. Also Vermillion is sometimes pretty busy. You best bet for large and busy bars would be to Metro or drive into DC, say Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan or drie over to Arlington

        I also enjoy Evening Star restaurant in the Del Ray part of Alexandira. Prices are mch more reasonable than Eve and they have a pretty happening bar for the area.

        1. Depends on what you're looking for:

          For good baja style tacos, try Taqueria Pablano on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Del Ray

          For great chili, go to Hard Times on King St.

          For good tex mex (don't miss the dry rub grilled wings), go to Austin Grill on King St.

          For good burgers, head to Five Guys

          For good Italian, there's a place I really like, but can't think of the name, maybe someone on here will know it. It's a brick building on a corner about half way to the waterfront. I think it is owned by two brothers. The food is good and the prices are quite reasonable.

          For a good brunch, I'd suggest the Chart House on the waterfront. The menu includes a fresh salad and fruit bar with bagels and danish and then you choose and entree from the menu. Price is about $20pp.

          I agree with the bar suggestion for Murphy's. Also, if you happen to like Bluegrass Music, the Tiffany Tavern has that live on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a fun little change.

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            The Italian place- Landini Bros.

            One of my favorites

          2. Oh - a few more ideas:

            Farther up South Washington Street going towards MT. Vernon, I'd suggest:

            Southside 815 for really good southern fare

            Faccia Luna for good thin crust pizza, pastas and good fresh salads.

            Also, ging up Duke Street towards 395, there is a pink building on your left that is home to Generous George's pizza - they serve very generous portions of pizza (thus the name) in a really unusually fun environment.

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            1. re: DC Gal

              I love Southside 815, also the Pita House is very good.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                Southside 815 has never let me down

                Southside 815
                815 S Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

                1. re: agarnett100

                  I guess I'm the only one who's had an awfull meal at Southside 815. My only time, But it was with another Chowhound, and I'm unlikely to go back.

                  Southside 815
                  815 S Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

                  1. re: Steve

                    I used to be a Southside proponent, but it's really stopped impressing me in the last few years. Even things like the Dixie Chicken have gone downhill; where it used to be great, now it's just a kind of generic chicken sandwich. I still stop by every so often, but only because it's 2 blocks from my office--I don't think I'd recommend anyone going out of their way to go there these days.

                    1. re: sweth

                      The last two trips to Southside have been just okay (the roast beef poboy was just a plain roast beef sandwich, and the fried chicken was nothing special). I guess I missed them during their heyday.