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Jan 25, 2006 02:26 PM

Off menu items at Myanmar

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I've been going to Myanmar in Falls Church for a number of years and only recently discovered that there are several dishes available that are not on the menu.

One is a shrimp and beat spout salad that is different from the flavors you normally get with most of the salads, with a curry-like sauce.
A second is a goat curry with a deep and complex flavor.

You can also apparently get most dishes with the ubiquitous (in Burma anyway) shrimp paste ngapiya, which gives a little bit more of a homestyle flavor for those that have been to Burma.

Has anyone else discovered dishes not on the menu?

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  1. I was there a week or so ago and there was a large group of what I am guessing were Burmese. They ordered several servings of a chunky, brownish-looking protein to go. Kind of looked like the sesame beef you get from Chinese takeouts. I asked one of them what it was and they said it was fish in shrimp paste. I don't remember if it was on the menu or not, but it sure looked "authentic."

    1. I have not, but I am very intrigued by your post. I could swear I've had the goat curry, but I may be wrong. I'm certain we haven't ordered off-menu.

      Im going to try to expand my ordering there. I'd love to try some of those dishes with the shrimp paste. The fish in shrimp paste mentioned by the other poster sounds particularly good.

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        Since I made that post, they have incorporated many of the former "off-menu" items including the goat curry onto the menu. However, the fish in shrimp paste (ngapi) is not something I have yet tried. I will try and convince them to serve it to me next time. Often they resist telling non-burmese about these dishes for fear others won't like the strong flavor of the shrimp paste.

      2. That explains it. I didn't notice the date of your original post. We've been since then and did have the goat curry.

        Please post again if you can convince them to give you that dish. I'm very interested in how it is. I love that strong flavor. I like to take home the spicy garlic/fish condiment fry that they have and eat it on leftover rice for breakfast. I can eat nam pla by the spoonful.

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          I would tell them that (eating fish sauce). Tell them you like "gapi" the thai version of shrimp paste, and that you have been to Thailand (or even Burma). Also tell them you won't be disappointed or send it back. Then say "Chey Zu Bey" (rhymes with They You Hey), meaning thank you. Maybe they will relent. When I first went there they couldn't understand why I would want to eat goat.

          Also, you can request the pork curries to be with pork belly (or "pork with fat" as they call it) which is more traditional.