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Oct 9, 2001 03:42 PM

rec's for a late dinner on a Fri. night between SFO and San Mateo?

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My wife and I are flying up from LA in a couple weeks for a Saturday wedding. Our flight gets in at SFO 9:30ish Friday night, and we're staying at the San Mateo Marriot. A friend is picking us up from the airport and taking us to the hotel. Any suggestions for a late bite anywhere between the airport and the hotel? I guess cheap, good, and open late would be the operative words here... Don't know the area at all, so all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. One place to try is Prince of Whales, a pub on 25th Street just off El Camino Real. They have fish and chips and other bar fare, plus an habanero burger that requires a signed release before consumption. Tuesday nights they have a fun Dixieland band, but I think you said you were going on the weekend. If by some chance their kitchen is closed when you get there, there are some Vietnamese and Chinese places on El Camino right near 25th that you can try.

    To get to Prince of Whales, take 101 South from the airport to 92West. On 92, get off on El Camino Real headed South. Take a left onto 25th St and it's on your right.