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Jan 17, 2006 02:28 PM

Coming to the new Rockville Town Center: Sushi Damo, Lebanese Taverna, Taste of Siagon, Gifford's

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Rockville Town Square (expected to open by the end of the year) will feature a new, bigger Taste of Saigon, a Gifford's (giving competition to Ben & Jerry's a block away - yes I know this Giffoed's has nothing to do with the venerable old Gifford's of Bethesda & Silver Spring - they just purchased the name), Sushi Damo, & another Lebanese Taverna (altho there's one only a mile down the Pike at Congressional Plaza - unless they're moving to a bigger space)...

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  1. typical boring Federal Realty fare- exactly the same as Congressional IMO

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    1. re: cocoagirl

      That's what happens when higher rents in new centers mean the independent places can't afford it.
      So along comes the chains (local chains too) - of course there'll be a Starbucks & CVS there.

    2. Gifford's is not just a name only, she purchased the recipes...very good, just like the old Gifford's.

      1. Tried out Sushi Damo last night, was definitely disappointing for the most part... service was slow and clumsy (20 min wait for our bottle of wine which we could see sitting at the bar, entrees coming out before the salad, some items not coming out while other items came to us repeatedly from multiple servers), and the food was "good, not great" at best, particularly for their prices. Maybe the service will improve as the time goes on, who knows.

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          Taste of Saigon is moving in because it is a bigger space than the hard to find space they currently have only a couple of blocks away. It has always been a favorite of mine and I'm eager to see if it stays as good as it has been. Since they are one of only two (the other in VA) I don't know if I'd call it a chain. But as for the others, I'm not impressed with what is coming into the Town Center at all.

        2. Does anyone know anything about the crabcake place that's opening up? I think its called Bobby's.